January 29, 2016


When you got injured or hurt whether it is physical or emotional you need to recover. You need to heal because that is the right thing to do. It is hard to move or progress if you are hurt badly. You will only hurt yourself even more. But sometimes you don't know the real meaning of recovery. RECOVERY is DISCOVERY.

Those times when you were hurt really really bad and and sometimes you even want to end you life to end the pain. Don't ever do that, only cowards do that. Only selfish people do that. There are people who are counting on you. There are still dreams and goals waiting for you to realized.

When you got hurt emotionally, lets say your partner leaves you, it is time for you to discover what is the meaning of that relationship. What did that relationship brought to your life. Did it make your life better?, did you experience a lot of joy more than sad moments? It is time for you to discover what you need to do next. What you need to do in order to have a better relationship next time. You will discover what is your fault and how did the relationship ends. You will begin to know what to do next time to have a successful and more fun relationship. In other words that recovery time will make you discover a lot of lessons. You will have more time alone and you will know what you really want in a person. That recovery time will teach you a lesson to be smarter next time when you are ready to enter a new relationship.

When you got hurt physically, lets say you got injured. That recovery time will make you discover what are your faults why did the accident happened. Yes, accidents are not part of the plan and nobody wants it but there are still some things that you need to do in order to lessen the chances of being injured. That recovery time will help you discover the precautionary measures that you need to install in your system so you will have lesser chance of getting injured again. That recovery time will let you discover your weaknesses and what are the areas of your game that you need to strengthen. You will have more time knowing your body and its weak spots. You will have more time for preparation so you can come back stronger than ever.

Many people thought that when you got hurt all you need to do is recover but what smart people do is they also discover. They do not waste time being bitter and just feeling the pain over and over again until it is gone. When you got hurt you must recover but at the same time you also need to discover.