January 08, 2016

PRETEND THAT YOU'RE DUMB (one effective way to become successful)

Pretend that you don't know about failure and you just do what you do, pretend that you can't hear them. Pretend that you don't care about them even if what they say hurts you so much. Just go. Even if they are laughing at you because you can't show them results just go.

When people see someone who is trying his best to become successful they will bash him. They laugh at him because he looks so ridiculous, he is weird and he is focused. They will do everything to put him down.

If this happens to you then you should never feel unmotivated. You should keep going. Just pretend that you are dumb. Pretend that you don't hear them, pretend that you don't feel anything about what they say. If the critics is too much then it is time for you to stay away from these type of people.

Always keep in mind that what matters to you is success and nothing else. Their words mean nothing. Their opinions doesn't matter.

There will be times when you will doubt yourself and believe what people say, there will be times when your mind is being poisoned by their jealousy and crab mentality. This is normal, no great individual who succeed big in life has never doubted himself. But what makes a successful person different from a failure is his belief is greater than his doubt.

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