January 25, 2016


Stop acting that you've been hurt so bad when the reality is you only feel a little pain.

You got fouled in a play and you are acting like you're chopped by a bolo knife and you are pretending that you can't move your arms anymore. Are you looking for a sympathy or are you just making an excuse so when your team lose you will tell everyone that you got hurt?.

You only have a slight headache but you keep telling your boss that you are really not feeling well so you cannot work at your fullest so he might let you have a half day only. Will that help the company or your team? Is feeling so bad and spreading it to the whole world gonna help your life and the people around you? It will only worsen the situation, the company will lose manpower and the production will go down.

You got scolded by your parents because they were just correcting your mistakes, what you do is you jailed yourself in your room and you didn't eat for days. What was that drama all about? You want to let your parents feel that you've been hurt and you must be pampered? Common if it is your mistake accept it and move on, stop acting like a baby and do all the things that you must do. All of your chores are on hold because of your selfish antics. Get up and act like a grown up person.

This generation is so soft nowadays, a little pain makes people cry. A little uncomfortability makes people panic. If you are still alive don't act like the world owes you something. Stop over reacting because that stuff wont help you. It will give delays to the people around you and that is not serving the society.