January 28, 2016


Don't believe in greatness, this is one way to become great. What do I mean by this? You shouldn't believe that you are already great and you shouldn't believe that there is someone who is greater than you.

If you believe that someone is greater than you then you are already defeated. For example you are auditioning for something, if you believe that someone is greater than you then you will lose confidence, you will focus on that person and you will become intimidated by him. You are giving your strength to someone you think is better than you. He can control you and he will use your weakness to win.

If someone is really great, disrespect him. It is not that you will become rude at him and say disrespectful words at him. Disrespect his power so you will feel more powerful. don't believe in his skills instead believe in yours. Don't ever believe in the greatness of your opponents, this is a terrible mistake.

And also. never believe that you are already great because if you believe so then that is the time that you will no longer work hard and achieve greatness. You will become lazy, overconfident, undisciplined and uncommitted. You can only become great if you already won and establish a legacy that the whole world knows. There is no point in believing that you are great if you just succeeded one time and that success never catch anyone's attention.