January 15, 2016


Each one of us wants existence in this world, when I say existence it means people recognized you. You have a big participation and people will notice you if you are not around, in short you are very important.

But what makes you non existent? it is the people around you. You care so much about the people around you that is why you cannot be yourself, you cannot express your true self and personality.

For example in a meeting there is a strong personality in the group, you cannot speak and show them your ideas because you think that the person with strong personality is better than you and he will disapprove your ideas. You got intimidated and you are so afraid to speak. Do you think if that person is around you will feel the same way?

You are in a competitive game and people are booing you because you are one of the visiting team. You are shaky because people got inside of your head. You are having a mental block and you cannot show your talents anymore. If the booing isn't there do you think you can perform better?

The conclusion is... if they're gone you will exist. If they are not around you, you can be yourself and express all your talents and skills. You are free to do whatever you want, speak any words you want without worrying that someone might criticized you and disapprove you but... you cannot get rid of them, you cannot remove all the people that you are intimidated of and that is the reality.

All you can do is focus on yourself, move despite of being intimidated. Pretend that they do not exist so you will exist. All you can do is do what you can do with the best of your capabilities even though there are people that you are not comfortable with.

And one more thing... they do not have power over you unless you give them the power to control you. Only you can control yourself and nobody else. Only you can stop you, only you can make you exist.