January 02, 2016


I don't know why every time the new year will come, new the year's resolution is still very popular and people still believe it. New year's resolution is just something to talk about. I'll be harsh on this topic and I will reveal the truth. New year's resolution is for people who wants to change but are not willing to change. Did you ever see someone who says he will start to lose weight starting on January 1 and continue to do his resolution until Dec. 31? The worse is some people didn't even start on January 1 and didn't do anything at all.

The topic about new year's resolution is for people who just wants to catch attention and wants to become popular before the new year. They will talk about how bad they want to change, what is their game plan, what are their goals and when the new year starts... They are still doing the same thing. They even party very hard on new year's eve and they cannot wake up early on the new year. The result is... They will tell to themselves "I will do this tomorrow". They will repeat this mantra over and over again until they become frustrated and they will finally decide to just drop that new year's resolution because it is already March.

Have you seen a successful person that says he started his journey on January 1? If you really wanted to change then you should not choose a date. It can happen on Dec. 28, March 31 or whatever date you decided to make a change.

Making a resolution is not all about starting and being perfect, it is more of surviving. Most people thought that once they made a resolution then they should do it everyday and be consistent about it. The truth is once you decide that you will do something, you should accept that you may fail doing it at any stage of your life because of some unplanned events. Despite of this, your mindset should be you have to get back on track as fast as possible. You should not take more than 2 days of break because you will come back on your bad habits again.

If you really wanted to change or pursue something then don't wait for a date or set the exact date to start. Just do it now, whether it is the last day of the year or 7th month of the year. It doesn't matter what date it is, what matters is are you serious about making a change?

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