January 26, 2016


If you are always looking to finish fast and achieve fast then you will have a big problem. That's what most people don't understand. There are no shortcuts to success. I've never seen an individual who got rich in just one week, if you can tell me someone then I will probably kiss his ass. There are some who gets rich fast in lottery but that is a different story, we are talking about serious work here.

You cannot just jump around and make tons of money, you cannot just run a few kilometers in one day and get fit. It is really hard to move and make progress if you want the results immediately and mostly.. it is even harder to get started. It is really hard to get started if you are always looking for the bigger picture because you will get overwhelmed of the steps that you must take in order to get that result.

What you need to do is look for the starting point that will make you feel better. For example if you want to get rich find first what will give you money, what is it that you love to do that will give you money? think about it, may it be selling cars, insurance, marketing campaign etc. Don't think about being a millionaire immediately because you will get frustrated when you don't see results right away. Once you find a way how to make money then do your best, feel good about earning, repeat the feelings over and over again then add something that will give you an extra income or find something that will make you earn bigger. Don't stop the momentum, once you get the ball rolling then don't stop. Always feel good then lately you will learn that you are already a millionaire. It is just about starting then feeling good and of course handling the money very well. It is not about how fast to get there it is about how do you feel to get there.

Just like in exercise you can't just run in full speed or lift the heaviest weights right away. You need some warmups, you need something that will make you feel better that is why stretching is always recommended. You need to make your muscles and your whole body warm first or else you will not operate at your best. It is not necessarily stretching as always, I am talking about what will make you feel better to do the exercise that you need to do. It can be light jogging in your place or a simple jumping jacks and a few breathing exercise. You need to look for the starting point that will give you the best momentum to keep going and finish the task.

And when you are already in that level where you are in the middle of your journey, now its time to keep the momentum going. When you feel overwhelmed of the tasks ahead of you just look again for something to do that will make you feel better. Whether it is about ironing your clothes for work, calling some clients, counting the money that you saved, fixing the papers on your table, opening your laptop, checking your emails, massaging your muscles, doing some light repetitions in exercise, etc. Always do something that will make you feel better and is related to your goal. never do something that is outside of your goal or else you will lose focus and all of the efforts that you put in will be wasted.