January 27, 2016


Our generation today has no place for lazy people anymore. Their glory days were over. Back in 80's and early 90's were they are still surviving. They were still accepted in the society because the way of living is not yet that hard. BUT NOW... our generation today is moving so fast. Before it is ok if you don't know how to use computer but now... if you still don't know yet you will be left behind. You will look like ignorant and it will be very hard for you to find a pretty decent job.

Lazy people before can still survive without jobs, they can just plant some vegetables in their garden and live like a king all day, they don't need to think about their food too much. But now... it is a different story, our way of living now demands money. Every move you need some money, every second you need money because just like I said we are very modern nowadays.

There were no laptops, cellphones, tablets before but now you've got to have one because it becomes a basic need. You can still survive without those things but what if your children wants it? are you just going to let them get jealous with their playmates who have those gadgets?

Before, even if you didn't finish college you can still find a job but now... even the lowest position in the company is requiring that you should finish college. The competition now is very tight and if you cannot compete then you better just go to the mountains and live some kind of a weird life there.

Before, internet is not that much of a necessity but now... internet is also a basic need. Some people couldn't even live without a sky cable installed in their TV. There are too much bills to pay now unlike before.You can't become a lazy bumass person now because you will be left behind. There are no rooms for lazy people in our generation, if you are one of them you better step up because tomorrow might be your last day if you don't do the right thing.