January 01, 2016


In any kind of situation you are in, may it be a bad or good situation it is better to choose the positive thinking.

If you are in doubt you will become more doubtful if you keep on thinking and entertaining thoughts that are doubtful. If you are doubting if you will become successful or not it is better to think that you will succeed, just think of the situations where you already succeeded, think of the people that are happy that you succeed instead of people laughing at you because you fail. Think of the thoughts that are more light and more fun. Let the good thoughts enter your mind and you will feel better and happier.

If you are worrying about your bills and your electricity is about to get cut. It is better to replace it with thoughts about you enjoying watching TV. It is better to to have fun using your laptop instead of worrying about having no electricity at all. It is better to savor the moments while you have still electricity instead of waiting for the time that it will get cut. And the best thing to think about is how you can find the solution of paying your bills. Think about the solutions and not the distractions.

It is better to think that you are winning even if you are losing again and again. It is hard but it is possible to think that way. It is better to think positive even if it is not real than to think negative that is not happening yet. You can trick your mind, you can replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts only if you are patient doing it. It can be done and once you mastered it you will see that you will get a lot of positive benefits from it.

It is better to entertain thoughts that have positive benefits in your life rather than letting destructive thoughts ruin your day. It is you and only you who can master your mind, be mindful about what you are thinking and focus on the things that are beneficiary.

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