January 05, 2016


I've heard this quote over and over again and I realized that it's not effective all the times. "JUST GO WITH THE FLOW" - yeah this makes your life easier because you will just conform to what is happening around you and you will just agree to what most people want.

JUST GO WITH THE FLOW- I don't know what is the deeper meaning of this, all I know is this phrase is used by people who lacks decision making and is happy being dictated by people around them and they just accept the situation that they have whether they like it or not.

One example is fashion. Even though you don't want to wear the clothes that are very popular nowadays you still wear it because you don't want to be out of fashion and get criticized by many. Instead of being a fashion follower why don't you be a trendsetter. Make your own fashion or just wear the clothes that you are comfortable to wear.

Another situation is you follow the techniques/methods that are being told to you by everyone. You follow it because you were told that you will succeed if you follow them. What if those methods are not appealing to you or you don't want to do it at all? Will you still do it? Maybe you will because you want to go with the flow and you don't want to look stupid.

Following the flow means unfollowing yourself. You follow what is dictated to you, you follow the craze but deep inside you don't want to follow them. Deep inside there is a feeling in you that you want to follow yourself instead of them. And also, you don't have to necessary follow what is needed or what is the safer route. Sometimes your instincts is correct and you need to follow what it says.

If you are confident enough and you trust yourself to go with your own flow then some people will even follow you. You will be the leader of the flow, you will be the dictator of the flow. You make your own rhythm and others will dance with you.

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