January 01, 2016


Working hard will give you tremendous confidence and belief in yourself. A lot of people underestimate the power of working hard and overrates talent. They taught that successful people are talented and they cannot match those talents.

If you work hard on your craft, really really hard and harder than anybody else then you will give yourself a permission to become the best. You will see other individuals as an ordinary people that are no greater than you. It is not being cocky, it is just glorifying the effort that you put in day in and day out.

You will dethrone a lazy overrated teammate that is a coach's favorite. Your coach has no choice to use you because your improvement will become very evident. You will easily get promoted in the company that you are employed because you have the highest production everyday. There is a great feeling or confidence that you can do everything or achieve anything you want. You will begin to know that everything is possible and no obstacle can stop you from being successful.

You will begin to see that your level is different from the level of people who doesn't work hard the same as you. You can overcome any difficult challenge because you are so accustomed to hardwork and there is no work that you can't do or finished. You will finally know what is your capabilities and what are the impossible things that you can do. You can overcome any adversities and you see those adversities as just part of the process.

Your confidence, belief and faith to yourself will rise. You will never worry again because you are so busy working hard. You will begin to see that you don't need any permission from others because you already knew what is going to happen. You know that in the end you will succeed because you believe so much in hardwork and hardwork makes you believe in yourself.

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