January 20, 2016


What is your reason to become afraid if you know in yourself that you prepare so hard and you didn't cut any corners? What is your reason to doubt yourself if you work your ass everyday to reach a certain level that nobody can?

If you put in the work then there is no reason to become afraid, you will be ready for every challenge that will be put in front of you. You will feel pressure but you can erase it easily because you are so prepared. You have a source of strength and you know you will never ran out of energy or knowledge.

Most of the fears have already vanished during preparation and you will only feel nervousness and excitement during the actual challenge. You will never experienced having a mental block and no matter how you feel you still know what to do. It seems like there is a code embedded in your body that will take care of the situation.

The simple equation is the harder you work and prepare then the more confident you will be. There are no questions that you can't answer, there are no challenges that you can't conquer. Especially if you outwork everyone then the victory will be guaranteed on your side.

Some people can't even work and get started so be confident because you put in the work. And one more thing... you didn't even know if your opponent did prepare as hard as you so don't overestimate your opponent but also don't underestimate them. JUST BELIEVE IN YOUR PREPARATION BECAUSE THAT IS THE KEY TO YOUR DOMINATION.