January 16, 2016


A dream may it be big or small will happen if you don't stop believing that it will happen.

You fail over and over again, you get thousands of rejections, you felt the heartache that an ordinary person cannot bear. But you survived all of those adversities. You still believe, you still continue. There is a reason behind your unparalleled belief. You will succeed in the end no matter what.

Even if nobody else believes in you anymore. Before your wife, mother, siblings supported you but now they are making you realized that you should be realistic. They are telling you to be more practical and find something else that are sure to have results. But you never listen to them, you only listen to your heart. Even if your ideas and actions look unrealistic anymore you do it because you have to, you do it because the urge to become great is greater than the safety to become average.

Sometimes yourself is even telling you to stop, sometimes the belief almost died but it keeps on running inside of your head. It keeps on healing itself and make itself stronger than before. Your belief is unkillable, unbelievable and cannot be erased by any adversities.

You don't know why you can't stop believing that it will happen even if there is no one on your side. Even if there are no results that are showing, even if there is no progress that is making your journey exciting. Your belief doesn't fade, it becomes bolder and bolder everyday. Your action goes harder and harder everyday. You don't see failure as a failure, you see it as just another step towards success and nothing else.