January 04, 2016


Life is very simple but we tend to complicate it. We are so hard on ourselves everytime we are not doing well so the result is not beautiful most of the time. If you cannot do better on something then do better on the other things.

In any aspect of life may it be on sports, business, politics, arts etc. You can become great but you cannot become perfect. If you suck in one area of your work then forget about it. Focus on other things that you are better for example in basketball, if you suck on dribbling but you are good in shooting then just shoot. In arts if you suck on painting but you are good in drawing then just draw.

I am not saying that don't improve your weaknesses. My point here is you cannot be good at everything. There will always be weaknesses but the what you should focus on is your strengths. Great people focus on their strengths that is why their weaknesses are not evident. Their strengths cover up their weaknesses. They do what they're good at and they never see any weaknesses in their game.

Great people can control any situation by their strengths because they are not shy to use their strengths over and over again. They dominate the game. They dictate the tempo and everyone has no choice but to follow their lead.

Don't be afraid if you can't do better on some areas of your game. It is normal because you are just a human being. Human beings have weaknesses. Weak people focus on their weaknesses and strong people focus on their strengths. It is a matter of choice where will you place your focus.

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