January 14, 2016


Be afraid if you are not moving, do you think it's fun? Do you think it is beneficial to just lie around all day being lazy and watch tv while eating some pop corn? Do you think you will be alright if you take each day for granted and do nothing?

Yeah that lifestyle is very easy and relaxing but it is escorting you to death. If you are not moving, if you are not progressing it only means you are going to die soon.

What do old dogs did before dying? the just lie around all day, they do not move, everyday they become weaker and weaker and then you will suddenly see that they already leave you in this world.

What do old people did before dying? NOTHING. They just watch TV the whole day or just sleep all day in their bed and then BYE. But there are different cases for old people, some old people live longer, lets say 100 plus years. Look at their lifestyle, even though they are slow they are still moving, they are still exercising. They are still active and they prefer to move than to just sit the whole day. Some old people even study something that they think will help them grow even if they already grew a lot. They believe that studying something will make their mind sharper and their body stronger and it really helps them a lot.

Be scared if you are not moving because it means you are dying, you may not die physically but you are dying spiritually, mentally or emotionally. There is no growth in inaction and the synonym of no growth is walking dead. You maybe breathing, talking and eating but deep inside you are dying. TO avoid death you must move, you must find something that will help you grow. MOVEMENT and progress will make you feel alive, it will make you young and your spirit will be invigorated.