January 09, 2016


You have a goal and you want it so badly. What you must do is go to the place where it is planted. You can't just stay at your home and wish for it to happen.

You can't be dreaming of becoming a good lawyer but you are in your sofa everyday and drinking beers, your dreams will remain as a dream forever. Break those beer bottles now and go to school.Your mind, your activity and the place where your goal is planted should be aligned congruently. You can't be dreaming of something and your activity is not connected to your dreams. You can't be dreaming big but you are doing nonsense things.

When you are in the place where your dreams are planted then it will be easier for you to focus. It will be easier for you to get it. All of the resources and people who will help you are there. Who will help you realized your dreams in a bar full of drinking bums? Who will help you to become successful if you were in a place full of gamblers? If you need to leave the place where you are living right now do it. You need a surrounding that is right, a surrounding that is also full of people that are chasing a dream same as yours.

Another example is a person who is wanting to become a professional singer but is living in a house full of dancers, do you think he can focus on that house? I am not saying that he should leave that house but he can get easily influenced by those people around him and forced him to dance instead of sing. It is still up to him what he wanted to do but our environment plays a major role to the development of our character. That is why some people who are not really criminals become criminals once they become affiliated with criminal people.

Just go to the place where your dreams are planted, not necessarily the exact place but a place where your dreams are very near. Going to the place where your dreams are planted means you really want it, it maybe scary at first, it will overwhelmed you but if your belief is stronger than your fears then eventually you will succeed.

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