January 08, 2016


It becomes frustrating when you are working so hard and still cannot see any progress from your hardwork. It's really painful to see no benefits from thousands of hours of work. It is normal, who in this world will want to work without benefits?

My advise is just focus on movement and not on improvement because sometimes you want it immediately and because you want it so bad then you don't want to work any longer. You feel like you've work so hard and you cannot work anymore, you just want to take your reward. You feel that your work is enough and that you've been treated unfair.

Sometimes we do not know how much work we need to do in order to get that reward. Sometimes the work that you need to do is double or even triple the work that you are willing to put it.

It is really hard but if you just focus on moving then you will forget that you are working hard, you will forget that you are not getting any results yet. You just move and move and move and soon you will see that you are already there, you will see that it is really not hard.

You cannot measure the hardwork that you must put in, only God knows it, only time can tell it. What you cannot do is quit, if you quit then all of the work will be wasted. You will go back to zero and you will experience the same feeling again once you decided to try it again.

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