January 01, 2016


The biggest obstacle to moving forward or creating success is thinking about the past. Past plays a major impact in our brain especially if that past is so negative and we cannot forget it. It haunts us everyday and we cannot move forward especially if it plays inside of our head over and over again. It makes us weak and it makes us so depress.

What is past? does it really matter? I don't think so. The things that you cannot change doesn't matter anymore. We should only remember the past if it is a good past and not a past that will make our life difficult. We cannot change the past anymore and we cannot change the reactions that people give about it so throw it like a garbage and don't give any emotions into it.

The difference between a strong person and a weak one is a strong person can forget his negative past so fast. He erases it in his mind like erasing a wrong letter on a pad paper. He forgets his past like flushing a toilet. When he made a wrong decision he immediately move on and figure out what is the next right move. When he gets embarrassed in the crowd he just laughs at it. When he lost he accepts it. When his heart is broken he immediately look for another love. When tragedy visits his life he look for different things to appreciate.

If you can forget your negative past so fast then your life will have a big chance in succeeding because all the past does to anyone's life is make it heavy. Practice forgetting the past easily so you can move forward easily and do the things that you are ought to do.  Everyone has a past that sucks the only difference is how you take it seriously.

Don't be attached too much with your past or else you will not progress at all. Your life will remain the same, do you want that? You must focus on what is in front of you and the things that you can do. Always live in the present and don't let past affect your improvement.

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