January 04, 2016


You are talking about how painful your life is. You are talking about it so much and you feel like the world is unfair. You feel like you the world must give you sympathy. What you don't know is that everyone is in pain.

Some people has no food to eat and yet you are complaining that you have inadequate food. You are complaining that your salary is so low while some people have no job at all. You are always complaining that you are injured that is why you cannot perform at your highest level but you didn't know that there are some people who is more badly injured than you but still they are not complaining.

Everyone has their own pain that they endure everyday, some people are not complaining about it. You are only making your pain bigger if you always talk about it. You make it bigger because you make it a big deal and your mind is believing that it is really painful and it gives you a burden but if you will think deeper you will learn that pain is part of your life and it is not really a big deal because pain will not kill you.

And mostly, there are some people who has a badder situation than you but still grateful to their lives and are doing great everyday. Don't make pain as an excuse to become lazy, if you can still move then you are alright, If you can still breathe then you have a chance.

You are not a baby anymore. A simple headache shouldn't stop you from working, a simple sprain shouldn't stop you from playing. I know it hurts but what is the benefit of making dramas and bitching about your hardships? You are a grown up individual and you know the difference between making excuses and making execution. If you cannot move now because of the little pain that you have what more if the pain is truly big and is impossible to endure?

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