January 08, 2016


It is funny how people want to haste the time especially when they have problems. They want to speed up the time where they need to endure the suffering, the trials and tribulations etc. If you want to speed the time then you are not enjoying your life. Every situation in life should be enjoyed may it be positive or negative because you are still alive even if the situation is really bad.

Each one of you can survive any problem may it be a small or big problem. Don't ever panic if you are facing one. Have you ever seen a man who died because of problems? He can only die if he will take his own life. Sometimes you don't even have to do so much when you have problems, all you have to do is just wait for it to pass. Time will solve the problem alone but it it is still better if you will do something about it.

What is your problem? is it gonna kill you? DEFINITELY NOT. Sometimes problem is really not a problem, it is just an emotion creator. It creates negative emotions and we see it as a problem. If we will only think harder we will see problems as situations that can either anger us, worry us or make us stronger. If we face problems with courage, confidence and faith then problems will look as tiny dirt that just pass in our life.

Don't get rattled if you are facing big problems, it is ok to feel sad or scared but don't hold on to those feelings for a long time.

You can solve any problem or you can just let it pass. Whether it is about financial, health, love or family just remember that no problem is bigger than you.

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