January 22, 2016


Most people are really taking things and their loved ones for granted. They are very unappreciative of what they have. They always feel incomplete and they always try to compare what they have from what others' have. This is a bad practice of how to live life because you are not celebrating the strength that you have at the moment and your strength is focused on the wrong direction.

All the things that you have, all the blessings and all of your skills were not utilized at its fullest and you will grow not reaching your prime and full potential. You will also regret that you didn't show affection to your love ones because it is already too late when you realized that you have to do it.

When you were still strong and can pursue any career that you want, what did you do? you go to parties, you go chasing different women/men, you drunk yourself everyday, you waste a lot of time then what? You grow old without achieving anything. You realized that you could have been the best if you only did the right thing. Some people see the potential in you, you also see it in yourself but your head grows big and you didn't hone your skills while you were still young and strong. Now it is too late for you to do the right thing. Peak stage has already left you and you cannot do anything anymore with your weak and aging knees. You didn't embrace your strength while you still have it so what is left to you now is all regrets and questions. Question of what could have happen if you did the right thing, question of what is your status now if you didn't waste your time.

You also take your loved ones for granted. You compare them to others, you feel that they don't deserve you or you don't deserve them. Comparisons such as: "her mother is more kind than my mother", "his girlfriend is sexier than my girlfriend", "his wife cooks better than my wife", "your father earns more than my father" and any other stupid comparisons that doesn't make sense. If you really love someone you don't have to compare him to another person. You have to accept his weaknesses and appreciate all his good personalities. You only compare him to someone because you didn't see his good qualities and all you see is his incompleteness.

Now you feel regretful when your loved ones leave you. You think of the times that you could have show them love but you didn't. You are crying now because you can't force them to come back. You feel terribly bad because you didn't appreciate what they are and who they are. You wanted to give him love but there is no more chance of doing it.

You should change your attitude now while you still have some time left. You never know when will things change and when will things end. The sequence of life is very unpredictable and nobody knows what might happen.

Embrace your strength while you still have it, utilize it, be the best person that you can be because your strength will never last for so long. All of us will become old and weak and there is nothing we can do when that time comes. Take opportunities while you were on your peak stage and reach for your prime.

Embrace your loved ones while you still have them. Show them that you care, appreciate their good and bad qualities. There is nothing wrong with an imperfect person but there is something wrong with someone who sees imperfectness.