January 13, 2016


For some people, wearing fake things or using fake things is a crime, some even laughs at other people who were using fake things. For me it is ok to wear fake things. I am not a patronizer of fake things. I love originals but I am not condemning people who uses fake things.

People who are using fake things are dreamers, they want the original version of the things that they are using but they just can't afford to buy it so they look for the replicas with almost the same look as the original. They feel like they are using the same brand too.

It is not a crime to wear fake things, what makes it a crime is not admitting that it is a fake version. If you have fake things be proud of it, it is not how original your brand is but it is how you carry the brand that you are wearing. There are some basketball players who are wearing fake shoes but are better players than the ones who wear the originals. So it is now how expensive your thing is, it is how expensive you look for wearing that thing.

Wearing fake things is a motivator, you want the original but you can't afford so you wear the fake. You are hoping that someday you can wear an original one too. Don't worry because it will happen one day, you can wear all the clothes, shoes, things that you want for as long as you work hard and force fate to make it happen.