January 21, 2016


Emotions can become big depressor for you so stop giving so much care about it. It is just a feeling and can a feeling kill you? if not so what is the big deal?

If you received a bad joke from a person that is not that close to you, a joke that is personal and gives you bad feelings just ignore it, being attached to that joke will make you feel badder. The worse thing that may happen is a fight may occur between you and that person. A joke is just a joke, it will look true if you get mad. You will look like a loser if you take a joke seriously. You won't get any benefit if you make that joke a big deal so detached yourself from that.

If you were scolded by your boss, your coach or your parents don't take it personally. Don't invest emotions from it. It is ok to get mad or get upset but don't make it last for a long time, lets say weeks or months. It is not healthy to your body and brain if you are upset for a long time. It is stressful and can cause you sickness. Just take it lightly and reframe the meaning of what is the scolding about. Think of it as a lesson that will help you in the future.

Everytime you get emotional your mind is out of control, you say what you are not supposed to say and you do uncalculated actions that leads to trouble. You should learn how to control your emotions because that is one of the greatest and underrated skill that a man can learn. If you can master your emotions then life will be easier for you. You can stay out of trouble easily. You will live in peace and you can be very easy to work with.

Being emotional is good if it is giving you positive results but if it is creating havoc you better not invest too much in it.