January 18, 2016


Losers uses destiny as an excuse. They tell everyone that they did everything but they still don't succeed. They accept their current situation as their destiny and they will not do anything about it anymore. They whine, they blame everyone, they blame the circumstances for not being successful. The worse part is they even try to influence people that destiny is true.

The synonyms of the word destiny is laziness, excuse and accepting your fate. If destiny is true then you don't have to discipline yourself anymore. If destiny is true then there is no need to make wise decisions, if destiny is true then we don't have to work anymore because our life has already an ending even if we are still living it. What is the sense of living a life that has already a destination even if you are trying your best to succeed?

Did you see any winner who believes in destiny? None of them believes that there is an ending waiting for each one of us. They believe that our fate lies in our hands and we can alter our current situation once we take full responsibility of our lives.

Winners don't believe in luck only losers does. Losers have every excuses available in their minds to why they are not succeeding. They even use the most lame excuse to get sympathy and make people believe that they were treated unfairly. Their minds are were already poisoned, they embrace their laziness and sometimes they were even proud of their failure because they keep on talking it over and over again. They make stories about them could have been successful only if this happens, only if that happens, only if they were given a break blah blah blah.

Every moment is an opportunity to change your current situation. Every small decision matters, every small sacrifice can be an element to your success. You can alter your current situation if you don't believe in destination.