January 02, 2016


Deep inside of you, you wanted to win. You wanted to become a star, a millionaire, a leader. You are just scared to do it, to get aligned with it but I know you dreamed of these things too. Don't lie to me, everyone wants to become big they are just afraid that they cannot do it. I know for at least once big things has crossed your mind.

Deep inside of you, you wanted to take the ball and take the last shot. When you were young you always dreamed of winning the game, being the best player and carrying your team. I know you want it so go ahead and take it.

I know you want to leave your shitty job and follow your passion you are just afraid to leave it because of your bills, responsibilities, your wife and your kids. Don't worry because once you succeed they will even get the double of what they are getting now. Deep inside of you, you want to be a boss. You want to be someone who is not being kicked around just like that. You want to be respected and treated right.

Deep inside of you, you want more. Don't ever lie to me that you don't want it. Don't ever deny your dreams, don't be ashamed of it. Everyone feels it, everyone wants more but they don't want to do more. You are different from them, you have the guts, you have the perseverance and you have the confidence to take a big leap.

Deep inside of you, you know that you still have strength, you know that you still have it. You still have the killer instinct and courage to revive the dreams that already died a long time ago because of your fears. Now is the time, don't waste another second. Summoned the dreams that are inside of you.

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