January 07, 2016


Admit it or not you need someone who will support you. What I mean by support is not material things or money or something that will make you dependent. What I mean by support is someone who will make your confidence stronger, someone who will stay by your side no matter what, someone who will really understand what you need and how you feel.

Your support should not be composed mainly of material things or else you will become a spoiled brat that will crumble everytime an adversity strikes in. You also have to choose the right people that will support you. Sometimes you thought that the people who supports you really care for you but when you are not around they are stabbing you. Be careful because not all people who smiles at you really cares for you.

Your support system doesn't need to be at your side everyday or every second, Just be grateful when he is at your side and when he is not..never lose confidence. It is ok to have a support system but your mind's default should be..you are alone in your journey and you will continue it regardless if there is someone who will support you or not.

Your support system is healthy if it makes you motivated, strong, confident and feel good. If your support system is not giving you a little bit of progress and a little ounce of motivation then it is not a support, it is a burden.

Your support system should also give you the freedom to do what you feel is right. It is not there to contradict your ideas and control what is happening around. That is why it is called support, it is there to amplify what is inside of you and make you feel that everything you do is right and will be successful.

If your support system is not helping you anymore then you should take the journey on your own, it is not that you are rejecting them or leaving them but your priority should be success and nothing else. Don't be afraid to hurt someone's feelings because it's not your intention to hurt them you just wanted to become successful.

The right support system is not expecting help or reward in return. It is there because of unconditional love and wanting you to become successful. It has no hidden agenda or whatever. It is there to make your life easier and make you feel that everything is alright.

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