January 02, 2016


You think you gain something from using the cheatcode? Do you think cheatcode makes your life easier and fun? No, I don't think so. Cheatcodes will not make your life easier rather it will make your life confused, harder and boring. One big example is a video game that you are playing, in the beginning you are having fun but when you arrived on the stage that are hard you look for cheatcodes...Then the game is totally destroyed, you can kill the enemies easily, you can finish each stage without having a sweat then what happens next... You become bored, the fun is destroyed and you finished the game without experiencing the true nature essence of the game. You didn't appreciate the game because it is very easy.

Just like in life, when you try to use cheatcodes and get addicted to it then your life will become boring and you will fail in the end. Think of those athletes who uses steroids and performance enhancing drugs, they will succeed in the beginning but in the end they will get screwed up. They will feel the side effects on their body and when the authority caught them using those illegal substance, they will be fined and even banned from the sports. They no longer believe in their strength because they purely rely on those illegal substances. They cannot perform at their best without those substances.

If you try to cheat success then you will not be successful, you may thrive at the beginning but you will be penalized in the end. You will feel that there is something wrong, you will not feel good and your mind will breakdown little by little same as your body. You will feel that you've also been cheated and you will look for a solution that you will never find.

The key in life is to become better without using cheats. Take the progress and improve little by little. Success maybe slow and difficult but it will be very sweet in the end.

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