January 16, 2016


Yeah that feet was so heavy, your head was like occupied with sticky slimes that avoids it to operate. You are caught in an endless daydreaming activity that avoids you to do the more important activity. Your body feels like chained and you cannot even stand up to make a good start. You are hugging your pillow and you are waiting for something that might sparks you up and do what is needed.

But that thing won't come, nothing will make you stand up. You will feel that laziness the whole day if you don't decide that you will fight it. Bully laziness, bully that feeling. Even if you feel bad about moving just stand up. Look for something to do, do what makes your blood flow. Make 10 jumping jacks, make 10 push ups, slap your face if you needed to, tell yourself that laziness is nothing and it can't control you.

Create at least 3 things to do then do it one by one. Do what is the easiest then move to the harder one. If you have more time then add at least 2 things on your list. The moment you finish a single task then you feel much better, you feel great when you finish a task, you feel happy when you are moving.

You can rest for a bit if you are tired but don't get captured by laziness again. Once you feel energized then jump again to your tasks, conquer them one by one. After the day is over you can say to yourself that you did good, you can sleep for the night then tomorrow it is time to bully laziness again.