January 16, 2016


If success is very elusive to you it only means you are not giving it what it needs. It only means you are feeding it very little and you are not getting its attention very much. Success only stare people that are attention getter. What catches the attention of success? It is composed of little acts that average people can't do.

Bribe success, feed it what it needs. What do success need in order to show itself to you?

Success doesn't need too much, it only need simple things, here are they:

1. Bribe success with hardwork and mentality to move up to the next level -  this has been told trillion times before and people just can't get it, why? because they thought is was just purely working hard. You can't just work hard and expect to become successful. For some people it works but for some it doesn't. What if you work 23 hours a day and your boss doesn't like you? do you think you will get promoted? What if you are just a street vendor and you keep selling the same stuffs over and over again, do you think your life will change? DEFINITELY NOT. The approach should be work hard and always find ways that will put you on a different level. You can't be working hard forever doing the same shits everyday. Find what is it that will upgrade your brand, identity and business. Find what is it that will give you more money and more opportunities, don't just work hard and hope that someone or something will change your life, change it now do what is needed.

2. Bribe success with dedication and single mindedness - if you want success to be on your side then you should be dedicated and single minded. Success will not show itself to those people who are not focused and minds are cluttered by a lot of things. You should be dedicated even if things are not going well. Everyday think about success, everyday do something to become closer to success. Don't let something take away your focus. Don't let small things be a hindrance to your journey of becoming successful.

3. Bribe success with courage - success loves people who takes risk. Success loves people who are willing to fail and try again. You will be surprised if you try the things that you afraid to do, you will be surprised because you never thought in your life that you can do it. Success never give time to those people who are just waiting and finding the perfect time. Success knows no timing, it is easily impressed with those people who live like there is only one chance and there is no tomorrow. Look at Manny Pacquiao he never wait for the right time, before he fights Antonio Barrera people were saying that Barrera is too good for him and he should fight weaker opponents instead but he never listen to what people say. He thinks that he can beat Barrera and that is what he did. After defeating Barrera he never look back and he live his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time pound for pound.