January 27, 2016


If you got bored in your life and you don't know else what to do. You don't have goals and any other activities that makes you excited then my advise to you is break your own records.

This is a fun activity that will make you grow and will challenge you to become more active and alert. I am very sure you have some records from the past and you still remember what is the maximum number that you accomplished in a certain activity.

For example you got bored working at the office, what is the maximum number of task that you can do in a single day? Break it, if it is 4 task make it 5 task, this is to add a little spice to your boring work, what makes it beneficial is it may lead to a promotion. Who knows?

If you are bored running for just 15 minutes a day break it, make it 20 minutes a day. It maybe uncomfortable at the beginning but the joy that it will give to you is priceless. Happiness is attained through growth and improvement. If you are improving, if you can do more then that is happiness.

Break your own records whatever record you have, may it be in athletics, work or any simple task. Breaking records will give you confidence and you will also feel a little bit accomplished, you will feel like a winner and it is very addictive. You will want to keep on breaking your previous record and reach the highest that you can be. It will bring you to a certain level, a level that you can be proud of honestly.