January 18, 2016


If you are not learning in our generation today where information is free and you can see it anywhere then it is your big mistake. Information nowadays on different subjects are very much free, you can see it on different blogs, social media posts, you tube, google etc. Sometimes I think that formal education is no longer needed but it is still up to your taste if you want it.

Yes diplomas are still needed but sometimes it just serves as an excuse. If you can prove to anyone that you know something that they need then you can land the job. Diploma is just a piece of paper, a lot of people were blinded by its content and the degrees that it holds but some people have diplomas but still don't know a lot. It is because they just pass by copying from their seatmates, this is funny but this is true.

Gurus, teachers, masters, senseis, coach etc. yes they were all helpful and can contribute to your personal development but what if they are not available? what if you don't have money to hire instructors? What if you don't have a budget to afford formal education and attend a university that teaches not so useful information?

If you are waiting for someone to teach you then you will never learn. The best teacher is yourself, teach yourself how to do this and how to do that. You can do it by trial and error, you can do it by just doing it and learn from your mistakes. You can learn by searching, you can learn by listening and having the confidence to apply what you have learned.

Don't just sit on your sofa like a lemon. Be an observer and a trier. Try the things that you search, try the things that you feel will work. Be your own teacher, teach yourself how to do the things that you need to do by doing research and application. Teach yourself how to move, how to become brave even if you don't know if what you are doing will work.

Be your own master. Master the things that you want to master, master mastery. Don't look for people to teach you how to do this and how to do that because sometimes they don't even know what they are doing. There are lot of pretenders out there and pretending that they know a lot, be careful with this type of people.

Yes it is a big advantage to have someone who will teach you and guide you but teaching yourself and becoming your own guru has a bigger advantage. Your knowledge will be limitless because you keep on searching, you keep on learning and you will not rely on someone's knowledge. If you rely on someone's knowledge then your growth will be limited, your resources will be very small and you will keep on asking the person who teaches you about facts and you will always ask for his validation if you will make a decision. You will always ask him if you are right or wrong. You will lose the courage to make your own judgement.

If you developed a habit of learning by yourself then your success is immeasurable. You will not be afraid of the things that you don't know because you know you can know them.