January 29, 2016


The one thing that stops everyone from finishing what they are ought to do is they always look for perfection. They want everything to become perfect, flawless and magnificent. They do not want to be criticized and embarrassed once flaws has been exposed from their work. That is why they are full of plans, organizations, talks, meetings, careful calculations and what did they accomplished? NOTHING.

Just like a writer. A typical perfectionist writer, he wants everything to become perfect. When he is writing a story he wants it to become super perfect, all the words, grammar, sequence of the story, name of the characters should be flawless and amazing. He wants everything to become smooth that is why years have passed and he hasn't finished a single book yet.

Another example is an aspiring body builder. He wants everything to become perfect too. What he does is he always asks someone about the correct postures in lifting weights, correct technique to lift weights, what is the right food to eat, what are the right vitamins etc. He wants to try everything that is why he ended up being confused and unfocused. He is doing a lot of different workouts and consuming a lot of vitamins recommended by different body builders which makes him overwhelmed and frustrated. If he only try at least one process at a time then see if it works or not then he is more successful than his present situation.

Sometimes you don't know that what you are doing is already perfect because you spend too much time finding faults in your work. You want perfection bad enough so all you see is mistakes. You cannot appreciate your work anymore because you are so critical about being perfect. You always find wrong in any angles.

Over aspiring to become perfect leads to incompletion of work. All you must do is give your best at the moment and then the rest will be taken care of by itself. It is not that you are doing a mediocre work, what I am preaching is to stop overthinking, stop over analyzing just finish one small step at a time with all your best and then live with the results. You cannot become perfect by trying to become perfect right away, you will become perfect in the end by doing a lot of mistakes and correcting them one by one.