January 23, 2016


The truth is TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. This is an old saying but most people don't take it seriously. Accepting the truth and telling the truth will make your life much much easier.

Most people are afraid to tell the truth because they are in stage of denial. They don't want to get judged and they are afraid to feel small. The truth is telling the truth won't make you look small.

A lot of people though that if they admit that they cannot do something or they are not capable of purchasing something then people will look at them as poor individuals or weak people. They do not know that sometimes being practical and accepting your weakness will make you look strong. The world loves honest and sincere people, the world loves people that are true to themselves.

If you will admit to your friends that you can't join them on the vacation that they are planning then you will have no problem. It is better instead of forcing yourself to join and then in the end you will ran out of money and you can't pay your bills anymore. You will end up borrowing money from other people that will put you in a cycle of always in short of money.

Telling the truth is very nice because you have nothing else to hide, you are free and you have no limits. Tell them that you are not capable of doing something. Tell them that you don't have money if it's true. TELLING THE TRUTH IS EASY, IT WILL ALSO SET YOU FREE.