January 29, 2016


Dear Lazy Bastard,

I know you don't want to read this letter because you are so lazy doing things, you just want to lie on your couch, eat pizzas while watching your favorite movie that you already seen a hundred times. You already memorized the script but you still keep on watching it. I understand you because your first name is Lazy and your last name is Bastard.

If you are still reading this letter congratulations to you because for the first time in your life you did something right. I am writing this letter to you because this is the last warning that you have to change your lifestyle or else you will live a miserable life forever. It is not too late to move and become better rather than being a useless person forever. You still have time, you can still convince yourself that you can change.

I just want you to know that you are acting like a king but you have no crown to show. You keep on commanding people around you but you yourself cannot even do a simple task. Your butt is too heavy and it just want to stay in the same place forever. Everyone around you is complaining about your attitude but it seems like cleaning your own ear is very hard for you to do that is why you can't hear them.

The buttons on the remote control of the television are already worn out because you press them a million times everyday. I don't know why you love changing the channels so much and turning the volume up and down, where is the fun in doing it? Did you earn some money while doing it? did you learn something?

Your belly is gaining a few centimeters everyday and it seems like you already need a liposuction because all of your shirts and pants doesn't fit you anymore. You feel heavy even if you haven't eat yet, you feel so tired even if you haven't move yet. You embrace that feeling everyday that is why you are now called "Henry the master of Obesity"

There are still some people who cares for you and wanted you to change but you think of their advises as mockery and a form of bringing you down. You feel that you are the one whose right because your mind is not open for changing.

Your health is in jeopardy now because you are so allergic to running. You are so scared of wearing your running shoes because you love your fats so much and you don't want them to leave you.

I am writing this letter to you to serve as a reminder that you have to change your life because people around you were so annoyed. You are not serving the society and a lot of people want to dispatch you. If you can't change in a week then you better bury yourself because you're like a living dead.

I am sorry if I am being so harsh to you but it seems like kind words have no effect to you so I will use hurtful words.

Please change before it is over.

Hard Work