January 06, 2016


Some people were already great but are still doubting if they are great or not, mainly because they have still goals that are not yet realized or maybe they knew that they have still something left to prove, If you are already successful and you are still doubting if you are great or not then here are some proofs that you were already great:

1. People are asking you how did you do it - People were amazed by your accomplishment. They will notice your works without you noticing them. Your achievements are too great not to be noticed. They will wonder how did you do it because for them what you've accomplished are impossible and very difficult to get. They knew they can't to it so they seek advice from you.

2. People are imitating you - People will copy what you do. They will be inspired by your achievement and they will believe that they can also achieve what you achieve. Your works will serve as living proof that everything is possible. You inspire them to also do what you did.

3. You have a lot of haters - Great people have a lot of haters. A lot of people will get jealous of you. They will thought that you just got lucky or you are cheating the system. It is because they have no idea about your journey and it is easy for them to judge you because they don't believe that someone like you can succeed. They were so insecure about you and your success. Your haters can be anyone, it is even possible that your hater can be a person that you know. This is normal, no great person has succeeded without a single hater.

4. You are having a lot of fans - If you have a lot of haters then you will also have a lot of fans. Even if you are not a celebrity or a well know person, once you are great then people will idolized you. You will build a fan base naturally and people will admire you for what you are doing and what you achieved. Sometimes your name will be a part of conversations from anywhere because the value that you produce is something that is very hard to ignore.

5. Money is flowing effortlessly - Because people trust you and the ideas or services that you can offer, making money is very easy. A lot of people want to do business with you because of your credentials and professionalism. The knew they will benefit from you so they will invest in you. They will have strong confidence to make a transaction with you because of your greatness. Money is just one of many rewards that you will get for the work that you put to become great.

6. Your confidence is sky rocket - Great people have great confidence. They always know that they will win even if they don't know how will they do it. They always have solutions for problems ad they can answer any questions. They know how to carry themselves in front of big people and they know that if they put the hardwork then everything will be fine.

7. Stress is higher but you can handle it - No great person has ever skip experiencing huge amount of stress. Great people always experience bigger stress than ordinary people. They were mindful of the stress and they treat it as a normal feeling. They knew that the stress will soon be over and they will feel great in the end after succeeding. No stress can break them down, they knew that stress is part of the process and they can only learn from it.

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