January 29, 2016


Being independent is a really great skill to become successful. It is one sure way to experience absolute freedom. If you are dependent to someone or something then there is attachment, there is some form of control that exists. If you are independent you are free to do whatever you want for as long as you are not affecting somebody. I will give you the best practices to become dependent so that you can have full control in your life. It doesn't matter what is your age, being independent is a choice. It is your life so do whatever you want with it.

1. Save Money - let's be realistic, we cannot live fully independent today without money. Every movement we made we need money. There are still people who were independent without money, those are monks, wanderers and and other types of people who were enlightened. There is nothing wrong with that but what if your lifestyle really needs money? Save money as much as you can so people who were giving money to you before has no control in your life anymore. If you have money then you will have an option to move house, you can study the course that you want. You will have a lot of options if you have money to spend. Save money while you are still young. Even if you only saved a few hundreds, that money will give you a little independence that will serve as a starting point to your freedom.

2. Develop a skill that you love and has a potential for earning - This one is really good, if you have a skill that you love doing everyday and can earn a few bucks then it is a big advantage for you. Congratulations because you achieved the real freedom that everyone is aiming. Even if you are not earning that much, once you are doing the thing that you really love then you will have your own world, nothing matters to you anymore except that thing you love. Your time will be focused on that thing and if you come to the point where you are very good on that skill, money will flow to you automatically.

3. Remove the habit of always asking for your parents' help - Always asking for your parents' help will make you very dependent. You will lose the power to get things on your own. Even if your parents were offering you the help, ignore it. It is not that you are acting tough enough and no longer needed their help. You just need to do it on your own because your parents will not be there forever to baby you. Once you get accustomed to getting things on your own, you parents will become more proud of you. They will think that their baby has grown up and all they can do is watch you evolve and be happy to what you've accomplished.

4. Learn to endure - Most of you once experience a little hardship will immediately ask for assistance, the worse is some people even play the sympathy game. They were acting like they are suffering too much and needed a help badly. If you are hungry a little bit and you don't have money endure it. If you feel jealous about someone who have what you don't have just endure it. You don't need to compete against them. If people were not treating you right just endure it, it will be over soon enough. Strengthening your endurance will make you very independent. What makes people dependent is they immediately wanted to change position once they are suffering. Just learn to endure everything, if you develop this skill you will be amazed at how far can you go.

5. Be a reliable person - Once there are people who relies on you then you will become very independent. You will learn that you are not the person who is relying on someone anymore because you are now the person who have responsibilities on his own. Look at those bread winners, they are so reliable. Even at young age they already knew what to do, they have a different definition of life. The knew that if they don't act independently their family will die in hunger. Once you are a reliable person then there is no choice for you to act on your own.

Being independent is one of the greatest skill to surviving. You will be able to do what you thought you cannot do before. Your pride will become bigger. You knew you can survive without anyone's help. If you want to become successful you should learn how to become fully independent.