January 04, 2016


Haters are people with dreams but has no courage to pursue it so what they do now is they hate people that are pursuing their own dreams. They are just here in our world to hate because they cannot make significant improvement in their lives. When they see you thriving they will pull you down. They will build gossips to destroy you, they will criticize you to death and make fun for every mistakes that you commit. Haters are also your secret admirers because they follow your daily life, they are updated to what you are doing, they just can't admit it to themselves because they are also jealous about your success.

Haters are good in stabbing you at your back because they are so afraid to tell you how they feel personally. They are scared, they are only brave when you are not around.

Haters' main objective is to make you feel bad and to see you failing, they love it when you are suffering. However there are ways to fight haters and beat them without confronting them or making physical interactions with them. You can beat them silently, her are the ways how to do it:

1. SHOW THEM THAT YOU DON'T CARE - Haters' appetite for hating, making false stories
and pulling you down grows even stronger once you show them that you are affected. Just ignore every critics that they made. Show no emotions to their comments, make them feel that their
opinions doesn't matter. In this way they will feel weak and they will get tired of hating you because what fuels them is seeing you mad and distracted by their useless comments.

2. IMPROVE EVERYDAY - when haters see that you are improving and getting better then it makes them even jealous of you. It is because they don't want to see anybody improving because
they can't improve themselves. They don't want to see someone getting better because they don't
know how to do it. They hate to see what they can't do from someone so it makes them angry and
they feel weak about themselves. And also once you focused on improving everyday then you will
have no time on giving time about their comments and backstabbing activities, you will love improving yourself everyday because it is more beneficial than listening to their opinions.

3. SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE HAPPY - if haters see that you are happy with your life then they will find a way how to make you sad or angry but when they learned that your happiness is
not based on people's comments then they will stop. They will see you as strong person with value and will not be affected by stupid comments that came from anywhere. If they see you very happy
even though critics are there then they will feel even weaker because they knew that words cannot
affect you anymore. They will feel powerless because the more they make bad comments, the
more you feel happier. They will know that you are already in peach and have no time noticing
useless things. Show them that you are happy even if you fail or commit mistakes.

4. GATHER AS MUCH SUCCESS AS YOU CAN - This is what the haters hate the most, see you succeeding because their main goal is to see you fail. They feel sad when you accomplish something. They will shut their mouths if you have proven something. But be careful because you might work hard and aim to be successful just to shut down your haters. Remember that you want to succeed because it is your ambition to become successful and you do it for yourself, your family and for the people who truly cares for you. Some people wants to be successful because they need to please their haters which make them ended up failing. If you find yourself wanting to become successful because of haters then remember number 1 (show them that you don't care). You don't care even if you fail or succeed because haters doesn't matter to to you.

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