January 31, 2016


Being so loud will take away your focus. Not all but I've seen a lot of people who were trying to become great that were too loud and then they will become silent after a few weeks. What happened? they STOP. I don't know why. Maybe because they exposed what they are doing too much then they got overwhelmed by the comments of people on what they are doing. Maybe they really don't love what they do, they just show it to the people for some reasons to become the "talk of the town" just a little bit.

People who broadcast their new years resolutions where are they now? did their resolutions really come into fruition? did they really get fit, get rich or get better?

If you are really serious about getting better or reaching a certain goal then you don't need to broadcast it to the world but if it is really your personality and it contributes to your fire then go ahead and do it. There are some people that are loud but are still very successful like Floyd Mayweather, Connor Mcgregor and Muhammad Ali. It is because they are really serious in the business. They back up what they are talking about and they really believe what they say.

In my opinion being silent but competitive is a great way to to become great. It takes away the pressure form the expectations of people. People are not guarding every movement that you made so you are very free to do whatever you wanted to do.

People who work hard, who are getting better everyday doesn't need the attention from people, they don't need to show how hard they train. They just do what is needed in order to become great. It is a part of their lives, they have routines, habits that are very consistent. Working hard is nothing new to them. They are gaining progress everyday and people were amazed by their greatness because people don't even know what are they doing.

It is more fun to become silent but competitive. People will get stunned at how great you become, they will question your secret. They will ask advises from you. And mostly, if you are just quiet in what you are doing then you will have less distractors and haters.

People who are too loud, in my opinion are just attention seekers and not goal getters. They are happy if some people are admiring them, they are happy with facebook likes, they feel successful if people were plasticly appreciating them. Their focus was to just please people and not to become really great.

January 30, 2016


A lot of people in this world are walking dead or lets say they are half dead just to be a little bit nice. What is the point of just following others? do you think you are celebrating your life by doing that? you can follow others if that is part of the progress but you can't follow them your whole life. Your life belongs to you, your dream belongs to you and you are not supposed to become just a particle of someone else's dream. Don't ever let other people use you for their own benefit.

If you are not living your dream, if you are not growing, if you are not living the life you want or at least pursuing the life you want then you are already dead you just don't feel it. If you are working for someone and he is not treating you right then you almost bury yourself while you are still breathing.

Even if you are earning money you are still not living your life, you thought you were moving but the reality is not. You may earn pretty decent money but once those money were gone then you are back to zero again. You will wait fore the next month for your salary and then the cycle never ends. You are in a vicious cycle my friend.

If you are not pursuing your dream and you want to pursue it but you feel like you have no means for pursuing it then you feel like dead, you no longer know the feeling of being alive. It feels like your life is taken away form you and you cannot do anything about it.

Do something to wake up from coma, do something to feel alive again. It is never to late to reclaim your life and shoot for your dreams. You are not born in this world to serve for others your whole life. You must serve your own life and become the master of your on fate.

January 29, 2016


Being independent is a really great skill to become successful. It is one sure way to experience absolute freedom. If you are dependent to someone or something then there is attachment, there is some form of control that exists. If you are independent you are free to do whatever you want for as long as you are not affecting somebody. I will give you the best practices to become dependent so that you can have full control in your life. It doesn't matter what is your age, being independent is a choice. It is your life so do whatever you want with it.

1. Save Money - let's be realistic, we cannot live fully independent today without money. Every movement we made we need money. There are still people who were independent without money, those are monks, wanderers and and other types of people who were enlightened. There is nothing wrong with that but what if your lifestyle really needs money? Save money as much as you can so people who were giving money to you before has no control in your life anymore. If you have money then you will have an option to move house, you can study the course that you want. You will have a lot of options if you have money to spend. Save money while you are still young. Even if you only saved a few hundreds, that money will give you a little independence that will serve as a starting point to your freedom.

2. Develop a skill that you love and has a potential for earning - This one is really good, if you have a skill that you love doing everyday and can earn a few bucks then it is a big advantage for you. Congratulations because you achieved the real freedom that everyone is aiming. Even if you are not earning that much, once you are doing the thing that you really love then you will have your own world, nothing matters to you anymore except that thing you love. Your time will be focused on that thing and if you come to the point where you are very good on that skill, money will flow to you automatically.

3. Remove the habit of always asking for your parents' help - Always asking for your parents' help will make you very dependent. You will lose the power to get things on your own. Even if your parents were offering you the help, ignore it. It is not that you are acting tough enough and no longer needed their help. You just need to do it on your own because your parents will not be there forever to baby you. Once you get accustomed to getting things on your own, you parents will become more proud of you. They will think that their baby has grown up and all they can do is watch you evolve and be happy to what you've accomplished.

4. Learn to endure - Most of you once experience a little hardship will immediately ask for assistance, the worse is some people even play the sympathy game. They were acting like they are suffering too much and needed a help badly. If you are hungry a little bit and you don't have money endure it. If you feel jealous about someone who have what you don't have just endure it. You don't need to compete against them. If people were not treating you right just endure it, it will be over soon enough. Strengthening your endurance will make you very independent. What makes people dependent is they immediately wanted to change position once they are suffering. Just learn to endure everything, if you develop this skill you will be amazed at how far can you go.

5. Be a reliable person - Once there are people who relies on you then you will become very independent. You will learn that you are not the person who is relying on someone anymore because you are now the person who have responsibilities on his own. Look at those bread winners, they are so reliable. Even at young age they already knew what to do, they have a different definition of life. The knew that if they don't act independently their family will die in hunger. Once you are a reliable person then there is no choice for you to act on your own.

Being independent is one of the greatest skill to surviving. You will be able to do what you thought you cannot do before. Your pride will become bigger. You knew you can survive without anyone's help. If you want to become successful you should learn how to become fully independent.

January 29, 2016


It is painful to fail over and over again, it is heart breaking and it feels like there is no other way to succeed but don't ever let your mind fool you, don't let the situations deceit you. Sometimes you have to reach that certain level amount of pain to succeed. You should not be scared because pain is just a feeling, yeah sometimes we label pain as a negative emotion but what it really gives to us is strength and success.

When you didn't get what you want after working for how many months or how many years it is really frustrating. For example you are trying to get promoted, you worked really really hard and you agree to get unpaid during overtime. You do what is needed, you agree to be treated like a dog who follows all the commands of his master. You fetch this, lick that, bite that, clean that. Then when the promotion period comes... your boss promoted another person, his favorite one. It feels like the whole world falls on you, it feels like "where did I go wrong?". It feels like you've been cheated. BUT NO, if you see what happened to you as a positive way then you will be alright.

That pain that you feel will make you go all out. It will give you a sense of direction that enough is enough for that company. It will give you the strength to move on and go for another place that can appreciate you more. That pain really hurts you and it will make you realized that you have nothing to lose anymore. You will become fearless because you already experienced some kind of pain that nobody has ever felt. You already knew the feeling so you will not be afraid to fail again.

Just like in business, athletics or any kind of career that you have. If you experience a certain level amount of pain then you will become a lion. You will be awaken. You will say to yourself "who are these people to treat me like this?". There is some form of rebellion that will build inside of your head. It is not a negative rebellion that will kill people. It is a form of rebellion that wants to prove yourself that you can become successful without the approval from others.

January 29, 2016


Dear Lazy Bastard,

I know you don't want to read this letter because you are so lazy doing things, you just want to lie on your couch, eat pizzas while watching your favorite movie that you already seen a hundred times. You already memorized the script but you still keep on watching it. I understand you because your first name is Lazy and your last name is Bastard.

If you are still reading this letter congratulations to you because for the first time in your life you did something right. I am writing this letter to you because this is the last warning that you have to change your lifestyle or else you will live a miserable life forever. It is not too late to move and become better rather than being a useless person forever. You still have time, you can still convince yourself that you can change.

I just want you to know that you are acting like a king but you have no crown to show. You keep on commanding people around you but you yourself cannot even do a simple task. Your butt is too heavy and it just want to stay in the same place forever. Everyone around you is complaining about your attitude but it seems like cleaning your own ear is very hard for you to do that is why you can't hear them.

The buttons on the remote control of the television are already worn out because you press them a million times everyday. I don't know why you love changing the channels so much and turning the volume up and down, where is the fun in doing it? Did you earn some money while doing it? did you learn something?

Your belly is gaining a few centimeters everyday and it seems like you already need a liposuction because all of your shirts and pants doesn't fit you anymore. You feel heavy even if you haven't eat yet, you feel so tired even if you haven't move yet. You embrace that feeling everyday that is why you are now called "Henry the master of Obesity"

There are still some people who cares for you and wanted you to change but you think of their advises as mockery and a form of bringing you down. You feel that you are the one whose right because your mind is not open for changing.

Your health is in jeopardy now because you are so allergic to running. You are so scared of wearing your running shoes because you love your fats so much and you don't want them to leave you.

I am writing this letter to you to serve as a reminder that you have to change your life because people around you were so annoyed. You are not serving the society and a lot of people want to dispatch you. If you can't change in a week then you better bury yourself because you're like a living dead.

I am sorry if I am being so harsh to you but it seems like kind words have no effect to you so I will use hurtful words.

Please change before it is over.

Hard Work

January 29, 2016


The one thing that stops everyone from finishing what they are ought to do is they always look for perfection. They want everything to become perfect, flawless and magnificent. They do not want to be criticized and embarrassed once flaws has been exposed from their work. That is why they are full of plans, organizations, talks, meetings, careful calculations and what did they accomplished? NOTHING.

Just like a writer. A typical perfectionist writer, he wants everything to become perfect. When he is writing a story he wants it to become super perfect, all the words, grammar, sequence of the story, name of the characters should be flawless and amazing. He wants everything to become smooth that is why years have passed and he hasn't finished a single book yet.

Another example is an aspiring body builder. He wants everything to become perfect too. What he does is he always asks someone about the correct postures in lifting weights, correct technique to lift weights, what is the right food to eat, what are the right vitamins etc. He wants to try everything that is why he ended up being confused and unfocused. He is doing a lot of different workouts and consuming a lot of vitamins recommended by different body builders which makes him overwhelmed and frustrated. If he only try at least one process at a time then see if it works or not then he is more successful than his present situation.

Sometimes you don't know that what you are doing is already perfect because you spend too much time finding faults in your work. You want perfection bad enough so all you see is mistakes. You cannot appreciate your work anymore because you are so critical about being perfect. You always find wrong in any angles.

Over aspiring to become perfect leads to incompletion of work. All you must do is give your best at the moment and then the rest will be taken care of by itself. It is not that you are doing a mediocre work, what I am preaching is to stop overthinking, stop over analyzing just finish one small step at a time with all your best and then live with the results. You cannot become perfect by trying to become perfect right away, you will become perfect in the end by doing a lot of mistakes and correcting them one by one.

January 29, 2016


If you keep on waiting you can never have the thing that you are waiting. Life is so short to wait, waiting is for babies, moving is for grown ups. 

January 29, 2016


When you got injured or hurt whether it is physical or emotional you need to recover. You need to heal because that is the right thing to do. It is hard to move or progress if you are hurt badly. You will only hurt yourself even more. But sometimes you don't know the real meaning of recovery. RECOVERY is DISCOVERY.

Those times when you were hurt really really bad and and sometimes you even want to end you life to end the pain. Don't ever do that, only cowards do that. Only selfish people do that. There are people who are counting on you. There are still dreams and goals waiting for you to realized.

When you got hurt emotionally, lets say your partner leaves you, it is time for you to discover what is the meaning of that relationship. What did that relationship brought to your life. Did it make your life better?, did you experience a lot of joy more than sad moments? It is time for you to discover what you need to do next. What you need to do in order to have a better relationship next time. You will discover what is your fault and how did the relationship ends. You will begin to know what to do next time to have a successful and more fun relationship. In other words that recovery time will make you discover a lot of lessons. You will have more time alone and you will know what you really want in a person. That recovery time will teach you a lesson to be smarter next time when you are ready to enter a new relationship.

When you got hurt physically, lets say you got injured. That recovery time will make you discover what are your faults why did the accident happened. Yes, accidents are not part of the plan and nobody wants it but there are still some things that you need to do in order to lessen the chances of being injured. That recovery time will help you discover the precautionary measures that you need to install in your system so you will have lesser chance of getting injured again. That recovery time will let you discover your weaknesses and what are the areas of your game that you need to strengthen. You will have more time knowing your body and its weak spots. You will have more time for preparation so you can come back stronger than ever.

Many people thought that when you got hurt all you need to do is recover but what smart people do is they also discover. They do not waste time being bitter and just feeling the pain over and over again until it is gone. When you got hurt you must recover but at the same time you also need to discover.

January 29, 2016


Do you have to buy those expensive shoes first so you will look good in front of your friends or do you have to pay your bills first so you don't have to worry if you still have an electricity to use and a telephone for communication?

Do you need to check the FB message first or do you need to check if there is an email from a client that may give you an income? FB is fun but all you can get there is fun, sometimes you even see posts that are stressful. Checking if there is an email form clients has no assurance if you will get an income but still the possibility is there. You should choose possibilities over non beneficial activities.

Are you going to watch the tv first or are you going to finish your assignments? Those little decisions are the deciding factor if your life will be headed in the right direction.

The reason why you are failing is because you don't know what should come first, you don't know what should be done first. All you know is you want to feel good at the moment by buying the things that you want but you don't necessarily needed and doing useless things that will make you forget that you have important things to do.

You have an assignment but you prioritize watching TV instead of studying. You have bills to pay but you choose to buy expensive shoes instead. You are the one who is putting your life in jeopardy. You make wrong decisions that makes your life harder and uglier.

Make adjustments to your decision making. Not all the things that feels good at the moment should be purchased. Not all the activities that excites you should be done first. There are things that are very hard to swallow because there is a sacrifice attached but when you do the most important things first...good things will happen later.

Yes it feels bad to choose the things that are important rather than choosing what makes you feel happy. But those things, those activities that replaces the problem will give you bigger problems later.

January 29, 2016

SHITTY DAY IS OK (It brings balance to your life)

If you have a bad day now then tomorrow will be a good day, life goes on, shitty day is a remembrance of a normal life. A life without sadness sometimes is a boring life and it is true. A lot of people wish for a perfect life without stress, traffic, arguments, bills to pay and any negative emotions but what they don't know is that an ugly day brings balance to their lives.

Shitty day is part of your life no matter how ugly it is so learn to appreciate it a little bit, if you can't appreciate then just accept it.

Even the person with the highest position in this world, even the richest person have a bad day. No one is excuse form experiencing it. It is just a matter of learning how to balance your emotions and do not get carried away if you are so stressed about what is happening around.

Keep in mind that chaos, stress, bad days are not ugly if we will look at it in a different way. It is normal to get frustrated but you should be aware of your feelings. You should know the real benefits of those negative emotions. Negative emotions are there to give you more positive emotions and it is true. The more you can handle negative emotions the more you will be happier. You will learn to appreciate life even more and you will see that there are some other things that you can be happy about. It is not about the situation of your life, it is all about how do you see that situation.

January 29, 2016


Checking results every now and then is only delaying your success. It is not contributing to your progress and it makes you stuck a little bit. Checking results will eat a lot of your time. Instead of doing the next step you wonder if there is any improvement to what you are doing or not.

For example if you are building muscles, sometimes you have more time looking in the mirror, looking if your body has improved you have lesser time in lifting weights and doing other drills to improve your body. The same as building abs, you have more time looking in your tummy, measuring it, comparing it to others. You have lesser time doing crunches and situps. You will look at your body for 10 minutes, inspect it, touch it and judge it. If you only use that ten minutes for doing the steps needed then you will have better results.

Another example is making your website popular, you check the stats and number of visits every now and then. You have lesser time in doing the necessary steps to make it standout and interesting. If you will only lessen the checking of stats and increase the number of posts then the results will be different.

In business, you are always checking your profit. You are counting your money every minute and you forgot to take care of your brand, you forgot to take care of your customers and workers. You are so focussed on the profit and you didn't know if there is something else important than counting money. You don't know if there is something wrong with your products, you don't know if some of your employees have issues in the company. There are some other things that are more important than counting money and it is taking care of the people around you.

And one more thing, if you didn't see the results that you are expecting you will become very disappointed and you will lose the appetite to keep going. You will get frustrated and you will even wonder if you need to take a different route or you stay with the course.

If you are so focus on checking the results then you will never get the results that you want. It is simply because you are forgetting the journey and the process to get there. It is the process that is important and not the results. It is the process that will give the results and nothing else.

It is not bad to check the results but don't give too much attention to it, just focus on taking action so you will never lose motivation.

January 28, 2016


People talked about someday they are going to get rich, someday they will become famous, someday they will have this and have that, someday they will buy a big house, someday they will become fit and sexy, someday they will inspire lives but those somedays never come, those somedays became illusions.

The word "SOMEDAY" is not true, it will never come because it is indefinite. To make someday true you should live what you want someday today. You should do what you want to do someday today. What you are doing today will make your someday come true. Don't ever focus on someday because it's just an illusion, it's a dream that you don't ever know if will come true. All you have to focus is today.

Today you should do better, today you should work hard, today you should start. Someday is very far that is why it didn't come. Today is very near and you can do everything you want with it. Someday is just a dream, today is the key to realize that dream.

January 28, 2016


Don't believe in greatness, this is one way to become great. What do I mean by this? You shouldn't believe that you are already great and you shouldn't believe that there is someone who is greater than you.

If you believe that someone is greater than you then you are already defeated. For example you are auditioning for something, if you believe that someone is greater than you then you will lose confidence, you will focus on that person and you will become intimidated by him. You are giving your strength to someone you think is better than you. He can control you and he will use your weakness to win.

If someone is really great, disrespect him. It is not that you will become rude at him and say disrespectful words at him. Disrespect his power so you will feel more powerful. don't believe in his skills instead believe in yours. Don't ever believe in the greatness of your opponents, this is a terrible mistake.

And also. never believe that you are already great because if you believe so then that is the time that you will no longer work hard and achieve greatness. You will become lazy, overconfident, undisciplined and uncommitted. You can only become great if you already won and establish a legacy that the whole world knows. There is no point in believing that you are great if you just succeeded one time and that success never catch anyone's attention.

January 27, 2016


Our generation today has no place for lazy people anymore. Their glory days were over. Back in 80's and early 90's were they are still surviving. They were still accepted in the society because the way of living is not yet that hard. BUT NOW... our generation today is moving so fast. Before it is ok if you don't know how to use computer but now... if you still don't know yet you will be left behind. You will look like ignorant and it will be very hard for you to find a pretty decent job.

Lazy people before can still survive without jobs, they can just plant some vegetables in their garden and live like a king all day, they don't need to think about their food too much. But now... it is a different story, our way of living now demands money. Every move you need some money, every second you need money because just like I said we are very modern nowadays.

There were no laptops, cellphones, tablets before but now you've got to have one because it becomes a basic need. You can still survive without those things but what if your children wants it? are you just going to let them get jealous with their playmates who have those gadgets?

Before, even if you didn't finish college you can still find a job but now... even the lowest position in the company is requiring that you should finish college. The competition now is very tight and if you cannot compete then you better just go to the mountains and live some kind of a weird life there.

Before, internet is not that much of a necessity but now... internet is also a basic need. Some people couldn't even live without a sky cable installed in their TV. There are too much bills to pay now unlike before.You can't become a lazy bumass person now because you will be left behind. There are no rooms for lazy people in our generation, if you are one of them you better step up because tomorrow might be your last day if you don't do the right thing.

January 27, 2016


Confidence for me is the main ingredient of success. Without confidence even though how talented or how skilled you are you cannot win big time. Confidence is a big word, it has deeper meanings and anyone can have it. Even the most shy person in the world can have confidence, even the dumbest person in the world can have confidence. But confidence is far different from being cocky. Confidence is knowing that you can do something great and can prove it on the other hand, cockiness is just showing off and it is just pure talk. Cocky people didn't prove anything, it is just pure talking and nothing more than that.

Some people were genetically born with oozing confidence while some are not. You are lucky if you are naturally confident but beware because confidence is not permanent. It can diminished or it can increased. Confidence is also a choice but there are still some sources or important contributors to a person's confidence here are they:

1. Hardwork - this is true, the harder you work the more confident you will become. Some people who were not born confident gets their confidence from hardwork. They have a principle that the key to becoming more confident is to master your craft very well. They prepare harder than anybody else. They exert an extra effort to become the best in their field.

2. Past - past is also a big contributor to your confidence, past experiences plays a major role if you are very confident now or not. Our brain remembers a lot of things especially those events that have big impact in our lives. If you have a lot of bad experiences from the past then your confidence is low but if you have a lot of good experiences then your confidence is high. For example if you have a lot of bad experiences in travelling then you may not want to travel anymore but if your past travelling experiences are good then you may want to do it over and over again.

3. Failure/Success - The more success you have then the more confident you will be, the more failure you have then the lesser confidence you have. That is why all winners are confident, they keep on winning and winning and it gives them good feelings. Success is very addictive and because their brain is very used to remembering success, winning is like automatic to them. Their confidence is on a different level and it grows everyday. On the other hand, those who experience a traumatic failure loses their confidence easily. One example is people who were taking bar exams, after failing once or twice they don't want to retake another because they felt that they cannot pass anymore. Their confidence has been destroyed because of the negative emotions that they felt when they fail the exam. Meanwhile, there are also some people who got confident because of numerous failures. It may sound crazy but it is true, because they already knew how it feels to fail, it becomes natural to them, they weren't scared anymore. They felt that they have nothing to lose so they take chances, all the knew is success is the next thing because they already fail a lot of times, failing is not a big deal to them anymore.

4. Environment - This is one of the most important sources where confidence is built. Environment plays a big impact on the size of your confidence. If your environment is very supportive no matter what then your confidence will soar high, you know there will be people who will be on your side everytime you fail. You know that there will be people who will comfort you and help you stand when you fail so you have the confidence to take bigger risks unlike anybody else. If you know that people around you will never leave you no matter what journey you take then your confidence will reach the stratosphere. But if your environment is not supportive and always contradicting your dreams then what do you expect? of course your confidence is below the average. You will be afraid to commit mistakes because you were so afraid that they will get angry. You will feel uninspired because there are no people who will be happy if you succeed. You feel alone and feeling alone creates a lot of fear so there is a tendency in you to just take the safe journey.

Those are just some sources of confidence. You can also create your own confidence through experience and some self development methods. Confidence is one of the biggest key to become successful so it is a must to develop it everyday, the one good thing is anyone can become confident if he puts the effort to become one.

January 27, 2016


There is no reason for you to fail. Failing will not come across your mind, not even for a second. There are lots of people that are hoping for your victory, they were on your side every single day of your journey. They supported you, give you everything you need, give you strength and they are one of the main reasons why you should succeed. Your mother, your father, your siblings, your partner, all of them were hoping that you will win. They trust you with all their heart. You can't disappoint them, it is your time to shine.

There is no reason for you to fail, you've given a lot of time for your dreams, those sleepless nights, those countless hours of grind, now is the time for harvesting. Now is the time for reaping all the benefits of your hardwork. There is no reason to lose focus, there is no reason to feel anxious. This is your time, make it happen.

All the hardships you've overcome them. All the heartaches you've surpass them. You are very strong now, you were harden by pain so there is no reason for you to fail. Go and give our best, never exert a mediocre effort because that is not you. Use all your strength, power and determination to succeed. Remember that this is your time, there is no reason for you to fail.

January 27, 2016


If you got bored in your life and you don't know else what to do. You don't have goals and any other activities that makes you excited then my advise to you is break your own records.

This is a fun activity that will make you grow and will challenge you to become more active and alert. I am very sure you have some records from the past and you still remember what is the maximum number that you accomplished in a certain activity.

For example you got bored working at the office, what is the maximum number of task that you can do in a single day? Break it, if it is 4 task make it 5 task, this is to add a little spice to your boring work, what makes it beneficial is it may lead to a promotion. Who knows?

If you are bored running for just 15 minutes a day break it, make it 20 minutes a day. It maybe uncomfortable at the beginning but the joy that it will give to you is priceless. Happiness is attained through growth and improvement. If you are improving, if you can do more then that is happiness.

Break your own records whatever record you have, may it be in athletics, work or any simple task. Breaking records will give you confidence and you will also feel a little bit accomplished, you will feel like a winner and it is very addictive. You will want to keep on breaking your previous record and reach the highest that you can be. It will bring you to a certain level, a level that you can be proud of honestly.

January 27, 2016


The most dangerous way of destroying relationships, confidence and goals is believing what you didn't see yet. Most of you already believed what you didn't see yet, you believed in something that hasn't sufficient facts and evidences. You believe in gossips, critics and what most people say even though it hasn't pass your own judgement.

When people say that don't go to that house because there are ghosts in it you easily become afraid and don't want to test it. Even if you have a purpose to visit that house your mind has been poisoned by what people say so you won't go there. How easy it is to fool you, how easy it is to influenced you even if you haven't prove it to yourself that there are really ghosts there.

If someone says your best friend is stabbing you at to your back don't believe it so fast. You need to gather enough evidence if it is really true. You've got to trust your friend and believe him. Truth will be revealed in the end so just relax and never change your treatment at him. It is not that you are looking like stupid if the accusation at him is true and you are not doing anything about it. Whether it is true or not trust him still, you will not regret that you trust him. It is him that will regret his actions in the end if he is really stabbing you because he will lost a friend who is so loyal. If you accused him and fight him without knowing the truth then your friendship will end up in nothing, it will be wasted because of weak judgement and being influenced by others.

Some people say that your opponent is strong, experienced and twice the strength as you so you cannot win against him. Don't ever believe them, it is yourself that you should believe and nothing else. People are overestimating things and they don't know the real strength of an individual. They only say what they feel, they have no facts about your real strength. You don't see your opponent yet and witnessed his real strength, you don't see him react after facing an opponent lie you so don't believe an predictions yet. Look at Rhonda Rousey against Holly Holm, all of the people predicts that Rousey will win even if they didn't see the actual battle yet. Even the people who have a lot of background in MMA, they believe and publicly say that Holm have no chance of winning against Rousey but what happened? Holm dismantled Rousey like a kid in the octagon. All of the people were shocked. They didn't see the fight yet so why make any bold predictions before the fight? It is nonsense to assumed an event that no one has ever witnessed yet. Anything can happen so don't be afraid to take chances.

When someone tries to impress you about his properties such as big houses, fancy cars, expensive shoes, bags etc. Don't ever believe him yet, that person might be just dreaming and just want to make you feel amazed so that he will earn your respect and use you in the future. There are thousands of people who were just dreamers and not doers. Sometimes all those dreamers can do is just dream, talk about their dreams and do nothing about it. They just talked about it to other people and and fool themselves and other people.

Real becomes real if it is witnessed by the naked eyes. What you don't see yet is not real yet until you see it for yourself. You need to wait for the situation to occur to believe that it is real. Always remember that a thing that has no sufficient evidence is not real. You are free to opposed that thing or go the other way. Don't be easily fooled by the things that comes from comments, opinions, predictions and discussions. You have the right to believe the things that will make you feel better and can benefit you. There is no point in believing the things that will only poisoned your mind and will direct you in a negative path.

Always keep in mind that you are free to have your own judgement and you are free to make decisions based on your instincts.

January 27, 2016


Everybody thought that successful people have complicated lives but the reality is not. Just because you look rich doesn't mean your successful, just because you have three cars that you just get by loaning doesn't mean you're already successful. There are some people who have no cars or houses but they are successful.

What people don't know is success cannot seen by the eyes, success is felt and not seen. Everyone who tasted success knows this. You can have 3 houses and five cars but if you are hunted by the bank everyday to remind you about the loan you made then you are still not successful. Success is freedom, success is not worrying for anything.

A person who is just earning 10000 bucks a month is richer than a person who is earning 6 figures a month but who has tons of debt. Any person can feel that he is rich if he really feels it because he has a financial freedom. Again success is freedom, if you can do a lot of things without worrying then you are successful. If you can spend without worrying if you will have a food on the table for tomorrow then you are successful.

Successful people have simple lives they do not complicate it. They work everyday doing what they love, they have routines, they have small or big goals then they pursue it. They do what they want, they spend their time with the people that they want and they never let themselves caught in a situation where their financial stability will be in jeopardy. When problems show itself they have an immediate remedy because they are always prepared. They do not create problems for themselves, problems such as engaging in a business that they don't like, having multiple loans, socializing with people that look rich and competing with them.

Successful people are bold, they don't move just for the sake of pleasing someone or impressing someone. They know what they truly want and they know their limitations. They know their limitations but they strive to expand everyday. They make sure they improve everyday and they take care of their business very well.

They have routines that they follow everyday to put themselves in a better position. Routines like exercising everyday to become healthy so they can avoid any type of disease. Another routine is they do something that will move them one step closer to their goals. May it be a small or big step they still do it because they believe that time will come for the realization of their goals.

Successful people also have small circle of friends, activities and hobbies. They just associate themselves to people who can contribute to their growth and not people who are pulling them down. They also have lesser activities because they have their own standards of what is fun or not. They don't do something for the sake of being cool or being in trend. They study first what activity should they engage if it is healthy to their lifestyle or not.

They also do not buy a lot of things, broke people when they see buy one take one will immediately fall into the trap even if they do not need it. Successful people will buy things that they really need and will make their lives easier not the things that will give them a burden. They only buy another car or another house if they feel that their money is too much and they need to release some to treat themselves. They do not buy things to impress people.

The conclusion is successful people don't need a lot because they already feel abundant. They don't need multiple cars, houses, friends or business. They continue to expand themselves everyday without putting their lives in a dangerous position. Yes they take risk but it is a calculated risk, they do not take risk just for the sake of looking brave or courageous.

January 27, 2016


Just because you're old enough doesn't mean you are man enough. You can be a 35 year old male but you can be acting like a kid so you are not still considered as a man. Age is not the only barometer of being a man, it is the way you act and carry yourself and also carry the people that is in your responsibility.

A real man is not partying 3 times a week, he knows his responsibilities especially if he has a family. He makes sure that before he have a good time the people that is relying on him will not suffer. It is ok with him if he cannot be with his friends at the weekend for as long as his family have something to eat everyday. On the other hand a boy doesn't care if his family gets hungry, what matters to him is he is happy with this life and he looks cool everyday. He will even prioritize his hobby before his family. He is a happy go lucky person and doesn't care if his life becomes miserable in the end.

A real man doesn't hurt his woman, he makes sure her woman is getting what she wants and always happy to be with his side. He makes sure her woman will be satisfied with his love and will never look for another man. He never hit her woman when they argue instead he is widening his understanding to fix their argument. On the other hand a boy is inconsiderate with the feelings of her woman. He doesn't mind if she cries and he is even proud of hurting her woman. He feels like he is really the boss in their relationship.

A real man knows how to take care of himself, he knows that if he becomes weak a lot of people will be affected so he make sure his body is in proper condition while the boy doesn't mind his health, he just eat what he wants and drink what makes him feel good. He doesn't mind the consequences of his actions. All he knew is he have to be happy and always satisfied. There is no filtration of the foods and drinks that he enter into his body.

A real man has goals and ambitions, he always dream of a better life and not only he dream about it but he also pursue it. He wants a better life for his family. On the other hand a boy has no direction, his motto is "come what may" he just go with the flow and accept what life has to offer him. He never grow and he doesn't mind if his life is stuck in a mud.

A real man is acting like a real man, he stay away from fights and nonsense altercations. He can control his emotions and he is mindful of his temper. He hates troubles and he is very patient in everything. Meanwhile, a boy is aggressive, he always find himself in trouble and he always think that he has the right to defend himself in every heated discussion. He never backdown to any fight to impress his girl and the people around him. He doesn't mind if he got hurt for as long as he fights back and look brave.

A real man always takes charge, if there is a situation where his decision and help is needed he never shy away from it.  He is confident that he can pass any challenge that is on his way. On the other hand, a boy is always afraid of responsibilities. He will point another person to do the job. He is acting like he is brave but when difficulty arises he will look like a chicken.
The conclusion is if you are doing the right thing then you can be considered as a man. Being a man has nothing to do with age. There are even some younger guys at the age of 18 below who were acting like a man already. There are also people who were aging 40 above but still doesn't know how to behave like a real man.
Best of Vegas

January 27, 2016


Some people are covering up their mistakes by blaming other people and such circumstances. They blame their teammates, coach, teachers, classmates and other people around them to cover up their mistakes. They transfer the blame to somebody or something so that they will not be pointed as the real person who didn't do well.

The golden rule is you can only blame if you are perfect and if you are not just shut up because blaming will not improve the situation. It will only create tension, fights and misunderstanding. You cannot cover up yourself by blaming somebody because in the end they will still know the truth. The worse is the punishment is even stronger instead of admitting your mistake in the beginning and accept a lighter punishment.

The right way to cover up your mistakes is admit it sincerely and try to fix things. Do your best to improve the situation and make sure you are doing right this time.

There is nothing wrong with admitting your own mistakes even if a lot of people will got angry with you. Admit it but don't become proud of it, don't act like your an authority and it is ok if you commit one. Be responsible and take the necessary actions to correct what is wrong.

Even if a lot of people got angry with you they will still be happy in the end because you did the right thing. Always use the right cover when covering mistakes, again it is by correcting what you did wrong and not by adding wrong to something wrong.

January 26, 2016


There are some beliefs that there is a chosen one, there is someone who was born with great talents. There is someone who was born with all the gifts given to him and he will succeed no matter what. He was born with greatness inside of him and he is like a super hero born with natural powers and destiny is always on his side. This chosen one never fails, this chosen one is invincible and he is destined to succeed even if he doesn't put in the hardwork and dedication.

If you really believe in chosen one then you are depriving yourself to become great too. You already agreed that greatness is for some people only and you are not part of it. If you are this type of person then you have no chance to become great because you already judge yourself and labeled yourself as an ordinary individual who cannot succeed and do something great.

On the other hand there are some people who doesn't believe in chosen ones which I think is very right. These people believed that everyone is created equal and anyone can become great if he chooses to. These people are striving to become great by working hard everyday and they dedicate their lives to their passion. They commit to improvement everyday and they believe that someday they can become great too. They never lose hope because for them the partner of greatness is perseverance.

It is up to you whether you want to believe in chosen ones or not, all I know is if you want to become great then you should think of greatness as for everyone and not for limited persons only. Greatness is not choosing anyone it is giving chance for everyone.

January 26, 2016


A lot of people will doubt your skills if you didn't do your specialty for a VERY long time, they will say that you don't have it anymore, you are not powerful anymore and your fire has cooled down. Even if you are the champion, even if you are the greatest for how many years, once you take an absence they will say that it is hard for you to comeback because you are rusty. Especially when you came back from an injury.

They will place their bets to the new budding star that have won numerous times during your absence. It is normal if people will doubt your greatness because of your longtime absence. The world loves active people and they love what is in craze right now. They are in favor of people who are making noise at the moment.

What they do not know is that rust doesn't exist. I said it to my article before that hiatus will make you rusty but that is hiatus, that is doing nothing.

You maybe absent for a very long time because you need a rest, you need your body to heal and take a step back to figure out what is needed. When your wounds and injuries finally healed you still have time to work hard and get back the strength that was lost in your body.

You will only become rusty if you didn't do anything to get back on perfect shape. Hardwork will remove rust from your system. If you work hard the same before you get injured, if your fire is still there and if your dedication never decreases then being rusty is not applicable to you. Rust will only be felt by those individuals that became lazy. There are even some people who gets rusty even if they are not injured. It is because they are not doing anything, they are not pressuring themselves to get better everyday and be in shape everyday. RUSTINESS is the partner of LAZINESS.

January 26, 2016


If you are always looking to finish fast and achieve fast then you will have a big problem. That's what most people don't understand. There are no shortcuts to success. I've never seen an individual who got rich in just one week, if you can tell me someone then I will probably kiss his ass. There are some who gets rich fast in lottery but that is a different story, we are talking about serious work here.

You cannot just jump around and make tons of money, you cannot just run a few kilometers in one day and get fit. It is really hard to move and make progress if you want the results immediately and mostly.. it is even harder to get started. It is really hard to get started if you are always looking for the bigger picture because you will get overwhelmed of the steps that you must take in order to get that result.

What you need to do is look for the starting point that will make you feel better. For example if you want to get rich find first what will give you money, what is it that you love to do that will give you money? think about it, may it be selling cars, insurance, marketing campaign etc. Don't think about being a millionaire immediately because you will get frustrated when you don't see results right away. Once you find a way how to make money then do your best, feel good about earning, repeat the feelings over and over again then add something that will give you an extra income or find something that will make you earn bigger. Don't stop the momentum, once you get the ball rolling then don't stop. Always feel good then lately you will learn that you are already a millionaire. It is just about starting then feeling good and of course handling the money very well. It is not about how fast to get there it is about how do you feel to get there.

Just like in exercise you can't just run in full speed or lift the heaviest weights right away. You need some warmups, you need something that will make you feel better that is why stretching is always recommended. You need to make your muscles and your whole body warm first or else you will not operate at your best. It is not necessarily stretching as always, I am talking about what will make you feel better to do the exercise that you need to do. It can be light jogging in your place or a simple jumping jacks and a few breathing exercise. You need to look for the starting point that will give you the best momentum to keep going and finish the task.

And when you are already in that level where you are in the middle of your journey, now its time to keep the momentum going. When you feel overwhelmed of the tasks ahead of you just look again for something to do that will make you feel better. Whether it is about ironing your clothes for work, calling some clients, counting the money that you saved, fixing the papers on your table, opening your laptop, checking your emails, massaging your muscles, doing some light repetitions in exercise, etc. Always do something that will make you feel better and is related to your goal. never do something that is outside of your goal or else you will lose focus and all of the efforts that you put in will be wasted.

January 26, 2016


If you're not meant to become a singer then why do you keep on singing everyday? why do you still love to sing even if the judges were against you? why do you keep on improving your voice and studying tones? why do you still feel happy singing even if success is not even showing its shadow to you? the answer is already there...YOU ARE MEANT TO HAVE IT. If you are not meant to have it then you will stop but did you stop?

If you are not meant to become a lawyer then why do you still keep on taking the bar exam, even if it is your third try you are still hoping that you will pass. You almost give up after failing twice but here you are chasing your dream. If you are not meant to have it then why is it that your hunger for success is greater than your fear of losing again? The answer is already there...YOU ARE MEANT TO HAVE IT that is why you keep on trying. Even if you fail on the third try, on the fourth and so on I know you will try again because that is what you wanted to do. If you really want it, if you will not stop then you are meant to have it, as simple as that.

Forget about the failure, forget about what people say that you are not meant to have it because that is some piece of crap. If you keep on moving, if you keep on trying then that is already the answer. That is already the deciding factor to your success. It is just a matter of time. It is just a matter of waiting while moving and trying while failing.

January 26, 2016


After pushing and working hard and defeating a couple of obstacles and rising through different challenges you finally made it to the final stage. You said to yourself "yes I did it!" but the reality is No you didn't, you didn't did it yet because you haven't succeeded yet. Yes maybe you reached the final stage, you reached the finals but did you finish with your hands raising? Did you have the trophy yet?

This is what "ALMOST VICTORIOUS" people do, when they reach the final stage they feel successful, they feel that they already won not knowing that they still have some work left to do. They become complacent and satisfied with the little success that they have and they no longer aim for the bigger prize.

Look at those people who got their first car by the help of loan and lost it. They thought they already have that car, they thought that they were already rich. They do not know that they still have to pay the monthly payment, the gas and the maintenance. The became relaxed and over confident. They do not embrace the responsibility of having a liability. They do not work extra hard, their effort before having the car and having it already are the same. Little by little they experienced paying late for the car and then in the end the bank gets it back. This happens because they thought they were already successful and great, they didn't work extra hard to fully pay the car. Having the car is one thing and maintaining it is another thing. Even if you are driving the car it is not completely yours if you haven't fully paid it.

Look at those some NBA teams that reached the finals, look at Lebron James. I am a big Lebron fan but what he said during their finals trip against the underdog Dallas Mavericks was not right, he said that  the Miami Heat did it even though the finals hasn't started yet. He thought that they already won, he thought that they can easily beat the Mavs, what he didn't knew is he must work extra hard, harder than he work during regular season. Being successful in regular season is one thing, being a champion is another thing. He underestimate their opponents that is why they lost.

Don't get blinded by the little success that you are experiencing for the moment. You will only be labeled as successful if you finally bagged the final prize. Just part of the prize is not a real prize. Just being a little successful is not real successful. You must work harder when you reach the final stage because the challenges during that stage is harder, the responsibility is much bigger. Those little success that you experienced before the final stage will vanish if you are sitting pretty in the end.

January 26, 2016


Your time will only be wasted if you keep on dreaming about your dreams everyday. Dreaming is for losers, doing is for winners. Dreaming is for people who cannot move. Stop talking about your dreams, stop thinking about it, make it happen, JUST DO SOMETHING!

January 26, 2016


Life is not all about who is the best because we don't know who really is. It is all about being your best in the moment, doing your best and expecting best results.

January 26, 2016


You can't do the things that you wanted to do because you don't have a lot of money. You wanted to eat in a fancy restaurant but all you can afford is some cheap fast food like most people do. You wanted to eat your favorite steak but all you can afford is a burger with no special recipe. What does this mean? It means you don't like your position, it means you are living a life that you don't really want. It means you are not congruent to the lifestyle that you are dreaming of. Being in a bad situation means you have to take positive action.

If you are in a very bad situation right now be happy with it because it will made you realize what is your position. You will realize the life you have now is not what you want and you need to do something about it. You need to do something that will make your situation better. It is like a stone that will hit you in the head and wake you up to do the necessary steps for the improvement of your situation.

You attended a reunion with your high school friends and you got overwhelmed by their accomplishments and stories about their work, properties etc. If you got overwhelmed by the people around you it means you are thinking that they are far better than you. You are in a bad situation again because you feel bad, it only means that your status in life is not as good as theirs. You now know your position, it is lower than theirs, either you do something about it or you just let it be.

Everyday you are feeling something wrong with your body, sometimes you are in a situation where your heart is aching and it feels like heart attack is about to occur. That situation is really bad, that situation makes you understand that you are in a position to improve your body, you are in a position to take immediate action to become healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. That bad feeling is sign and it should be taken seriously or else  you're dead.

Most of the time when you are in a bad situation then you feel badder, you focus on it and you are not searching for the real meaning of it. When you are caught in a bad situation it simply means you have to do something, you have to act and make something happen. Being in a bad situation is a reminder what your status is. It is a signal that it is time for you to change and take the best steps to improve your position.

January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016


I would like to thank all my supporters and followers for following the rugged breed. I appreciate those people who are sending emails and asking me to write articles everyday. Now I know that my purpose of altering human thinking to show them other ideas that will make their lives better and confidence higher is really true.

BUT... I think it is time for you to step up and pursue your goals, you've been reading my articles every now and then now it is time to write your own destiny. Stop reading my blog now and act now! You can come back to my blog anytime you want to, anytime if you need some ideas that will help you on your journey.

You can follow me still but you also need to follow your passion, do something great. Do something that will last for eternity. Do something that your heart is itching to do everyday.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, allow yourself to express yourself. Allow yourself to become scared but still taking the steps for the accomplishments of your goals. Allow yourself to expand and become experimentive. Allow yourself to take risks and give everything you've got.

I understand if you are not yet ready but the questions is when will you be ready? when will you act? when will you go all out? I am not rushing you but I am pushing you to make the FIRST MOVE! Do it NOW!

January 25, 2016


Stop acting that you've been hurt so bad when the reality is you only feel a little pain.

You got fouled in a play and you are acting like you're chopped by a bolo knife and you are pretending that you can't move your arms anymore. Are you looking for a sympathy or are you just making an excuse so when your team lose you will tell everyone that you got hurt?.

You only have a slight headache but you keep telling your boss that you are really not feeling well so you cannot work at your fullest so he might let you have a half day only. Will that help the company or your team? Is feeling so bad and spreading it to the whole world gonna help your life and the people around you? It will only worsen the situation, the company will lose manpower and the production will go down.

You got scolded by your parents because they were just correcting your mistakes, what you do is you jailed yourself in your room and you didn't eat for days. What was that drama all about? You want to let your parents feel that you've been hurt and you must be pampered? Common if it is your mistake accept it and move on, stop acting like a baby and do all the things that you must do. All of your chores are on hold because of your selfish antics. Get up and act like a grown up person.

This generation is so soft nowadays, a little pain makes people cry. A little uncomfortability makes people panic. If you are still alive don't act like the world owes you something. Stop over reacting because that stuff wont help you. It will give delays to the people around you and that is not serving the society.

January 24, 2016


Maybe you just need to do it more, maybe you just need more time, maybe it's the way because even if it is not working you are still doing it. You love to do the technique that you discover. Even if people are saying that your way of doing things is wrong you still do it. You are having so much fun doing it, you feel blissful when you do it your way and it is the only thing that you want to do.

Maybe it is the way, maybe you will become successful by doing it over and over again. Maybe you just need to do it longer and you need to be more patient.

The things that are not working for the moment but your love for doing it doesn't fade will work later. Nobody knows when will it work but for sure it will work. You just need to wait a little longer, you just need to do it harder, you just need to enjoy it more.

January 24, 2016


Fear is something that make us move or makes us stuck. In other words fear can become positive or negative. Without fear life will become very boring, admit it even if it is scary, fear adds spice to our lives.

The question is which side of your fear is stronger?

In every situation where fear arises there are two sides of it. For example in a basketball game where the situation is crucial, of course that situation scares you. Which side of your fear is stronger? is it the side where you are so scared of the moment and you cannot move? or is it the side where you are so afraid to lose so you will do anything to win?

Another situation is you need to exercise but you are so scared that you will get tired and you will feel pain, the other side of your fear is you are so scared that you will get fat and you will look ugly. Which fear is stronger? which fear will prevail?

One more situation is you have a public speaking in three days, it is scary isn't it? Which side of your fear is stronger? Is it the fear of practicing countless hours and getting tired? or is it the fear of embarrassment in front of public? If you are afraid to get embarrassed you will choose to practice, your fear of getting tired will fade and you will endure the boredom that practice brings to you.

One more example, your professor is a terror and you get embarrassed everyday, he humiliates you, makes you look like stupid. You got scared of facing him everyday but on the other side of your fear is you are also afraid to fail. Which fear will get the better of you? which fear will make your situation better?

Sometimes fear makes us to make decision and that decision can become either positive or negative. Don't be scared if you feel fearful because it can help you to move in the right direction. All you have to do is choose which side of your fear will you trust, which side of your fear will you amplify.

January 23, 2016


The truth is TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. This is an old saying but most people don't take it seriously. Accepting the truth and telling the truth will make your life much much easier.

Most people are afraid to tell the truth because they are in stage of denial. They don't want to get judged and they are afraid to feel small. The truth is telling the truth won't make you look small.

A lot of people though that if they admit that they cannot do something or they are not capable of purchasing something then people will look at them as poor individuals or weak people. They do not know that sometimes being practical and accepting your weakness will make you look strong. The world loves honest and sincere people, the world loves people that are true to themselves.

If you will admit to your friends that you can't join them on the vacation that they are planning then you will have no problem. It is better instead of forcing yourself to join and then in the end you will ran out of money and you can't pay your bills anymore. You will end up borrowing money from other people that will put you in a cycle of always in short of money.

Telling the truth is very nice because you have nothing else to hide, you are free and you have no limits. Tell them that you are not capable of doing something. Tell them that you don't have money if it's true. TELLING THE TRUTH IS EASY, IT WILL ALSO SET YOU FREE.

January 22, 2016


You got scolded by your boss for not reaching the quota today but yesterday he was praising you so much for being the top producer. Don't feel bad, it is normal. Some nights is yours and some nights is not. There are really bad nights, there are really bad days. There is no such thing as forever bliss or forever perfect. You will be disappointed every now and then but you should shift your emotions quickly. Don't get attached to what happened and move on. Move on very fast!!

Last night you score 35 pts and made the winning shot but today you felt that you bring your team down by being scoreless. Don't worry, don't feel sad, as I have said it is normal. No matter how hard you try there will be nights that are bad and you can't figure out what to do. Life is not perfect, you cannot escape bad nights even if you are the greatest player in the world. All you can do is give your best even if things aren't going on your way. If your night is already bad and you are pairing it with mediocre effort, how do you think will your night look after it is over?

Last night you and your partner had an amazing night, very romantic, the sweetness can lead to diabetes but now both of you are mad at each other. What happened? Don't worry, emotions will change but it will go back to normal. Not all nights will be sweet nights, there will be nights that are bitter and sour. What you should do is call it a night and then hope for the best tomorrow. be more romantic tomorrow and ask for forgiveness if you accidentally hurt your partner.

Sometimes you don't understand that after working so hard you still cannot get what you want. There are really bad nights, maybe it is a reminder that life is not perfect and we should appreciate life everyday even if the moment is bad. Every bad nights is still part of your life, once it happened you cannot change it, all you can do is learn from it.

January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016


Most people are really taking things and their loved ones for granted. They are very unappreciative of what they have. They always feel incomplete and they always try to compare what they have from what others' have. This is a bad practice of how to live life because you are not celebrating the strength that you have at the moment and your strength is focused on the wrong direction.

All the things that you have, all the blessings and all of your skills were not utilized at its fullest and you will grow not reaching your prime and full potential. You will also regret that you didn't show affection to your love ones because it is already too late when you realized that you have to do it.

When you were still strong and can pursue any career that you want, what did you do? you go to parties, you go chasing different women/men, you drunk yourself everyday, you waste a lot of time then what? You grow old without achieving anything. You realized that you could have been the best if you only did the right thing. Some people see the potential in you, you also see it in yourself but your head grows big and you didn't hone your skills while you were still young and strong. Now it is too late for you to do the right thing. Peak stage has already left you and you cannot do anything anymore with your weak and aging knees. You didn't embrace your strength while you still have it so what is left to you now is all regrets and questions. Question of what could have happen if you did the right thing, question of what is your status now if you didn't waste your time.

You also take your loved ones for granted. You compare them to others, you feel that they don't deserve you or you don't deserve them. Comparisons such as: "her mother is more kind than my mother", "his girlfriend is sexier than my girlfriend", "his wife cooks better than my wife", "your father earns more than my father" and any other stupid comparisons that doesn't make sense. If you really love someone you don't have to compare him to another person. You have to accept his weaknesses and appreciate all his good personalities. You only compare him to someone because you didn't see his good qualities and all you see is his incompleteness.

Now you feel regretful when your loved ones leave you. You think of the times that you could have show them love but you didn't. You are crying now because you can't force them to come back. You feel terribly bad because you didn't appreciate what they are and who they are. You wanted to give him love but there is no more chance of doing it.

You should change your attitude now while you still have some time left. You never know when will things change and when will things end. The sequence of life is very unpredictable and nobody knows what might happen.

Embrace your strength while you still have it, utilize it, be the best person that you can be because your strength will never last for so long. All of us will become old and weak and there is nothing we can do when that time comes. Take opportunities while you were on your peak stage and reach for your prime.

Embrace your loved ones while you still have them. Show them that you care, appreciate their good and bad qualities. There is nothing wrong with an imperfect person but there is something wrong with someone who sees imperfectness.