December 29, 2015


You have a shitty job and you really don't like it and you are dreaming of a job that has a good pay. You can't just leave your job and look for a better job. You can't just follow what motivators says. "TAKE A RISK, FOLLOW YOUR HEART". Yeah this words are true but you must have a plan to ensure success. You have to work while working on your dreams.

You've got to have money to support your bigger dream. You can't just jump in and be an actor, a basketball player, a musician or entrepreneur. You have to have money to support your bills, food expenses, transportation expenses etc. You are lucky if there are people who will support you but what if there is none?

Work while working on your dreams. Have a source income that will support your financial needs. It can be a part time job in fast food, call center, office, sales etc. Do the part time job seriously but don't get attached with it. Sometimes your dreams are wiped away by the job that gives you money. You get satisfied with what you are earning and you forgot to look back at the bigger picture.

It is much better if you have something that will make your life easier, something that will serve as a spine of your dreams. Let's be realistic, it is so hard to move without money. It is hard to move and follow your dreams if you are worrying about paying bills and other responsibilities. So work while working on your dreams but always keep the main thing the main thing. Take the job that gives you money seriously but take your dreams more seriously.

And even if you are already earning good or big from your part time job don't ever forget your dreams. Remember that you are only working to make your real dreams come true. If you have already enough savings and you think you can pursue your dream without doing another job then go ahead. Pursue your dream full time, be relentless and never look back.

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