December 27, 2015


I don't know what it is but there is a power behind restarting, maybe it is because the energy you have is stronger or you have a fresher mind and body. Maybe it is because you are more motivated and you know much better than the first time. Or maybe it is because you already calculated the right amount of effort and the right amount of sacrifice that is needed to succeed.

Come to think of your PC, your PC that is struggling to operate right, your PC that has a lot of bugs and a lot of weird errors that are popping up every now and then. Your PC that is very slow and cannot help you in your work. Restart your PC and see what happens... It operates better than its old state right? the bugs were not fixed but it operates better. It is the magic of restarting, it works on different fields of life. Restarting works on goals, education, business etc.

When you fail at something then you restart how do you feel? you feel stronger right? you feel more motivated and more hungry. It is because you prepare harder, you already knew your mistakes and you don't care about failing anymore.

Just restart when you fail. Restart when you fail in your own business, restart when you fail at exam, restart when you fail at getting the championship that you want. Restart when you have an ugly love life. Restart and comeback stronger. Restart and do better this time.

There is a reason why you are restarting, it is because you want to get it. You don't want to quit and you want to prove to yourself that you can do it no matter what. Restarting has no limits, you can restart as many times as you want. You can restart as fast as you want without waiting for something.

Restarting is more effective when you restart immediately after failure. It is because the momentum is still there, the hungriness is still there and the willingness to have a sweet revenge is still there.

If you are planning to restart after a long break then you may not restart anymore. You will be satisfied of the results and your hungriness to do better will die. Restart while you still have momentum, restart while you still have the fire. Never wait for the perfect moment... just make the moment perfect.

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