December 29, 2015


Problems made you you. It is not the easy life that made you, it is your problems. Are you gonna move and look for a job if money is handed to you everyday? Are you gonna work extra hard if your family has unlimited supplies of foods everyday? Are you gonna be extra motivated if your life is very comfortable and you don't feel the need for a change? DEFINITELY NOT.

There is a little bit of stress and a little bit of pain if we are creating something special especially if we are creating ourselves. You cannot just change without feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Problems and challenges will arise if you will transition from one human being to another human being. Challenges will strengthen your character. Have you seen an individual who did something great that didn't experience failure? If life were very easy for them then they will not find ways how to become great. They will just relax and take life for granted.

An easy life will only create mediocre life and nothing more than that. Those people who didn't experience any kind of problems remain the same and they will never expand.

It is true that the harder the battle the sweeter the victory. Characters were revealed during hard times. Champions were built under pressure. If you are experiencing some kind of a problem right now don't be depressed or feel unmotivated. Once you face that problem and start working on it then your new identity will be revealed. If you face your problems and work on it until it is solved then you're a winner, if you don't move and just let your problems pass by then there is no new identity that was built in you, you will remain a loser and whiner forever.

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