December 29, 2015


Problems made you you. It is not the easy life that made you, it is your problems. Are you gonna move and look for a job if money is handed to you everyday? Are you gonna work extra hard if your family has unlimited supplies of foods everyday? Are you gonna be extra motivated if your life is very comfortable and you don't feel the need for a change? DEFINITELY NOT.

There is a little bit of stress and a little bit of pain if we are creating something special especially if we are creating ourselves. You cannot just change without feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Problems and challenges will arise if you will transition from one human being to another human being. Challenges will strengthen your character. Have you seen an individual who did something great that didn't experience failure? If life were very easy for them then they will not find ways how to become great. They will just relax and take life for granted.

An easy life will only create mediocre life and nothing more than that. Those people who didn't experience any kind of problems remain the same and they will never expand.

It is true that the harder the battle the sweeter the victory. Characters were revealed during hard times. Champions were built under pressure. If you are experiencing some kind of a problem right now don't be depressed or feel unmotivated. Once you face that problem and start working on it then your new identity will be revealed. If you face your problems and work on it until it is solved then you're a winner, if you don't move and just let your problems pass by then there is no new identity that was built in you, you will remain a loser and whiner forever.

December 29, 2015


You have a shitty job and you really don't like it and you are dreaming of a job that has a good pay. You can't just leave your job and look for a better job. You can't just follow what motivators says. "TAKE A RISK, FOLLOW YOUR HEART". Yeah this words are true but you must have a plan to ensure success. You have to work while working on your dreams.

You've got to have money to support your bigger dream. You can't just jump in and be an actor, a basketball player, a musician or entrepreneur. You have to have money to support your bills, food expenses, transportation expenses etc. You are lucky if there are people who will support you but what if there is none?

Work while working on your dreams. Have a source income that will support your financial needs. It can be a part time job in fast food, call center, office, sales etc. Do the part time job seriously but don't get attached with it. Sometimes your dreams are wiped away by the job that gives you money. You get satisfied with what you are earning and you forgot to look back at the bigger picture.

It is much better if you have something that will make your life easier, something that will serve as a spine of your dreams. Let's be realistic, it is so hard to move without money. It is hard to move and follow your dreams if you are worrying about paying bills and other responsibilities. So work while working on your dreams but always keep the main thing the main thing. Take the job that gives you money seriously but take your dreams more seriously.

And even if you are already earning good or big from your part time job don't ever forget your dreams. Remember that you are only working to make your real dreams come true. If you have already enough savings and you think you can pursue your dream without doing another job then go ahead. Pursue your dream full time, be relentless and never look back.

December 27, 2015


Well of course everyone wants to be successful, everyone has a dream. Who in this world doesn't want to become big? Some people will tell you that they are satisfied but in reality they are looking for more. The problem is they want to become SUCCESSFUL SO FAST. They are not willing to take the process.

Growth, expansion, progress and success cannot be achieved by just jumping in to your destination. It is achieved by starting small and then adding up and adding up and adding up until you reach that certain level. It is like a diesel that is slow to heat at first then when it heats up the momentum continues to grow stronger and stronger.

It is ok to be slow at first, not making a huge progress at first because the moment you find your momentum then the journey will become easier, more enjoyable and smooth sailing.

Be the guy who is ok without getting any attention, praises and perks because those things will show in the end once you get better. Be the guy who is ok with gaining the tiniest progress everyday. Appreciate your own effort even if you are not seeing any results yet. Have fun stumbling around, have fun not knowing what to do.

Because once you get the momentum, once you heat up, once you pass the learning curve...It's showtime, nobody can stop you, YOU WILL LEAD AND YOU WILL SUCCEED.

December 27, 2015


I don't know what it is but there is a power behind restarting, maybe it is because the energy you have is stronger or you have a fresher mind and body. Maybe it is because you are more motivated and you know much better than the first time. Or maybe it is because you already calculated the right amount of effort and the right amount of sacrifice that is needed to succeed.

Come to think of your PC, your PC that is struggling to operate right, your PC that has a lot of bugs and a lot of weird errors that are popping up every now and then. Your PC that is very slow and cannot help you in your work. Restart your PC and see what happens... It operates better than its old state right? the bugs were not fixed but it operates better. It is the magic of restarting, it works on different fields of life. Restarting works on goals, education, business etc.

When you fail at something then you restart how do you feel? you feel stronger right? you feel more motivated and more hungry. It is because you prepare harder, you already knew your mistakes and you don't care about failing anymore.

Just restart when you fail. Restart when you fail in your own business, restart when you fail at exam, restart when you fail at getting the championship that you want. Restart when you have an ugly love life. Restart and comeback stronger. Restart and do better this time.

There is a reason why you are restarting, it is because you want to get it. You don't want to quit and you want to prove to yourself that you can do it no matter what. Restarting has no limits, you can restart as many times as you want. You can restart as fast as you want without waiting for something.

Restarting is more effective when you restart immediately after failure. It is because the momentum is still there, the hungriness is still there and the willingness to have a sweet revenge is still there.

If you are planning to restart after a long break then you may not restart anymore. You will be satisfied of the results and your hungriness to do better will die. Restart while you still have momentum, restart while you still have the fire. Never wait for the perfect moment... just make the moment perfect.

December 26, 2015


Everyone of us will face a big challenge at some point of our lives. Those challenges will make our mind confused and stop thinking the right away. Those challenges will tear us down and make us stagnant.

If you find yourself caught in a situation where you cannot think the right way then don't think, just act. Look for something to squeeze, what I mean is just make a small positive action even if the action is just producing a little progress or no progress at all.

If you need money then just do something that will give you money. May it be selling old books, selling things that you don't need, doing some part time jobs, back riding on your friend's business etc. Do something that will put you in a position of earning money. It doesn't matter if the money involved is big or small, what matters is you are doing something to earn something. There is no excuse that will be accepted here, there are trillion ways to earn money and if you can't think one then maybe you are the dumbest person in the world.

If you are in the middle of your thesis and it seems like the progress is very slow or you feel like you can't do something right. Just look for something to do. May it be preparing the clothes that you will wear on the presentation, buying the folder that will be use for the paper works, typing the data that were ready etc. look for something related to your thesis and work on it. Squeeze something, there is a juice waiting for you.

Any step that you take that is related to the task that you are doing is helpful as long as it is a positive step. You may think that those steps were not helpful but they are helpful. A step that is related to your goal or task will give you momentum. In the end you will know that if you did not take those steps you will not finish what you have accomplished.