November 13, 2015


I am not promoting shortcuts here I am just trying to write an article to reduce the scarcity that you feel when you cannot progress or to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed when you are pursuing a goal or developing a skill.

If you see someone who succeed for just a short period of time don't get jealous, don't try to emulate the timeline that he had. Everyone has his own timing, your time will arrive, nobody knows when it will arrive but all you can do is speed up the process, again SPEED UP not shortcut. Taking shortcuts and speeding up is very different.

When I say speed up what you can do here is work harder, double the effort, work smarter. Those are the things that you can do to speed up the process. You should not take shortcuts because that shit will never help you. You will feel successful for a very short period of time that is why it is called shortcuts. If you take a shortcut to success your time of being successful will also become short.

And besides the more you feel that your goal takes longer time to reach, the harder the situation will become. Forget about the timeline just carry on to what you are doing and make sure to improve everyday. Improving everyday will make the timeline of reaching your goal shorter.

Trust the process, trust that your time will come. Don't feel depressed or upset when you are not seeing any results yet. don't ever stop because if you stop your timeline will get longer.

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