November 10, 2015


Some people will try to impress you because they know something, sometimes they will make the situation difficult for you because you need what they know and they are playfully testing you and making you look like stupid.

Don't fall into their trap and easily give your power to them. Those people who wants to embarrass you because they know something that you don't know are just pretending to be smart people. Real intelligent people doesn't need to show off that they are intelligent, they even help people who don't know something that they know.

It just happens that some people know what you don't know and you needed that knowledge at that moment. Don't feel down if you don't know something, it is normal that you don't know a lot of things. Not knowing something doesn't mean anything, it doesn't mean that your stupid. It just happens that you did not study that information.

Don't let anybody own you if you don't know something that they know. Never give them power to bully you. Ignore their big mouth and find that information you needed by yourself. Make a research and soon you will know that what they know are just small things.

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