November 11, 2015


The word pity is not being used properly nowadays. People use it to make excuses, people use it to get what they want by simply making their self look like a victim. The question is when do we must pity someone? The answer is when he cannot MOVE ANYMORE. Yes that is the only time we must give sympathy to another person. If he cannot move that simply means he maybe dead or he was in a coma or paralyzed by a dangerous disease.

If someone can still move and still in the proper mindset then we must not give pity to him because he can still change his life. He can still turn things around the only problem is he is being dependent, he is making himself look like a human being that has no hope. He just wait for someone's help and if he didn't get it what he will do is cry in the corner and make dramatic antics.

Stop giving sympathy to someone that didn't earn it. If he can still move then he has the power. The only thing is he uses his power to make excuses and attract negative things into his life.

Anyone can change his life only if he stop making excuses, blaming everybody, blaming the government and stop thinking that the world owes him shit. Stop playing the pity party because it will only work for one time but it will not change your life.

The word "Pity" is now widely abused by lazy individuals who are just very good in making dramas that can benefit them. Never fall into this trap. It is not that you are being selfish or cruel but you should be very selective when it comes to helping people. Help people that truly deserve help, like people who were mentally ill, people that are dying. Never help individuals who were strong as a carabao but cannot even use their strength to apply for a new job or take the initiative to at least change their lives a bit.

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