November 12, 2015


Really? 375 dollars worth of basketball shoes? $100 Basketball Jersey? Most of you are faking greatness nowadays. You will buy expensive accessories, shirts, shoes just to show that your lifestyle is active and you're a great athlete. You will try to pretend that you are fit and has money to buy those expensive things but the reality is you're a broke son of a bitch.

You will try to cover your inability to exercise and become great with those fancy things that will never contribute to your progress. Most of you are blinded by these expensive things, it tricks your mind. You got pumped up when you buy that band with watch and lights, on and off.  I don't know how do you call it. You got pumped up by it thinking that after you bought it you will run 100 kilometers a day.

You got pumped up by the new edition of of a popular shoe brand, you think that it will contribute to your skill and you will become a great athlete. Or maybe you are just faking everyone that you are great because you have those things. Well at least you are a great pretender.

Sometimes your focus is on those things and not on striving to become great anymore. Those stuffs cannot help you, those are just things to make you look good in the eyes but bad in reality. Buy those things if you are already good and not to just look good.

I am not saying that those things are bad, it may help you in some ways but you still have to prove to everyone that you're not just a flashy person with expensive things. Invest in yourself first then decorate yourself if you are already great.

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