November 09, 2015


You've been working at different projects for different people and who does benefit this kind of action? Is it you or them? You know the answer, you maybe earning money but the growth is not that much.

Making projects for other people is not bad but your sense of purpose as a unique human being is not being used. You are being forced to follow directions, sometimes you have to do what you don't what to do and what happens next is your SOUL is weakening, your passion is dying and growth is no longer experienced.

If you are making a project for others they are the one who is growing and not you. You are just a small part of their success and your works will not be credited in the end. You've wasted a lot of time and those time will never return anymore.

The greatest project is yourself, may it be a continuous self development, pursuing a career, building a business or just setting small goals one day at a time. The greatest investment is investment for yourself and not for others. If you make yourself a project you will surely never fail because you love what you do and you can endure the obstacles that may come as you travel your own path.

If you make yourself a project you will embrace growth everyday and your happiness cannot be matched by any amount of money. You will gain more confidence and you will take pride in any amount of work that you produce. It is ok for you to fail over and over again because this project embodies your pride, soul and passion.

Making yourself a project means you are not wasting your life and you wanted to see how far can you reach and how great you can be.

This is the real meaning of life, pushing yourself to become the best version of you and travelling the journey that your heart is itching to travel.

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