November 12, 2015


A lot of people say that they want something but they are not willing to pay the price. They say they want to change their lives. They want cars, they want big houses, they want millions but their actions are not congruent to their dreams.

They want a brand new car but they only work for 8 hours a day and the more sad thing is they are doing the wrong work. How can you buy a new car if you are only earning money that is enough to feed your family and provide their basic needs? If you want something big you should also do big, find another work that will give you a bigger income, it doesn't matter if you have worked for ten years for your recent company, we are talking about realizing dreams here and your company cannot give you the dreams that you want so leave that company now. If they offer you a bigger salary cool if not pack your bags and never look back. Send your boss a resignation paper and accept what his decision will be. Its either he give you an increase to keep you or let you go. Make him choose.

Hungry people doesn't care about the consequences that may happen when they take risks, they only look for the bigger picture and nothing lesser than that. If you are not that hungry then you will be satisfied for what you have, you will not take risky actions that may put you in a more difficult situation.

If you are not scared it means you are not hungry because only people who are hungry can stand being scared and still shoot for their dreams. If you feel comfortable it also means you are not hungry because hungry people always do the things that are uncomfortable to take them one step closer to their ambition.

It will show in your level of hungriness. Hungry people do things that normal people can't do. They do things that are irrational, they do things that doesn't make sense to normal people. Even an opportunity that seems to be impossible to give them benefit they will take it.During bad weather they will show up, during the times that they have fever they will show up, during the times when they have no sleep they will still show up, during the times when everybody is relaxing they will still grind. Again this is very simple, if you are comfortable it only means you are not hungry.

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