November 09, 2015


What we feel is what we are. The universe agrees to how we feel. Remember the time when you feel angry and negative and you see.. all the negative people, news, events, problems were also attracted to you.  But remember the time when you feel so happy and you will also remember that life is very easy, effortless and everything is a breeze. It feels like you can't do anything wrong and there is a magic going on with your life.

If you feel less you will also attract less. If you feel that you can't do big things then you will really can't do it even if you are capable of doing it.

But if you feel that you can do big things even if your capabilities and experiences are not enough eventually you will still succeed. Feel more about yourself, those who believe are those who can achieve. This is not about being over confident or cocky. Being cocky has no actions, all it can do is talk but if you are overrating yourself but you are also moving then you are in the right direction.

Overrating yourself is also a good mindset, it gives you a mental edge from your competitors. Always feel the abundance, always feel more. Feel talented, feel blessed, feel great.

If you are just a 5"5 stand like a 5"10, feel like a 5"10, if you do this you will look really tall and more confident. If you are not a good speaker in front of the public, speak anyway, talk like a professional speaker. Breathe and stand like a professional speaker. Trick your mind. Be appreciative of your performance no matter how shaky it seems to be.

If your boss asks you if you can do advance accounting answer him yes even if you can only do basic. After all you can find the solution along the way if you really want to make a good impression for him. Don't be scared to say you can do it because you don't even know if you cannot do it.

It is better to rate yourself rather than others rate you. And the best way to rate yourself is overrate yourself. It is better to become overrated than underrated. Overrated has a feeling of confidence and abundance, you feel that the whole world is on your side while being underrated has a feeling of scarcity and feeling of being treated unfairly.

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