November 13, 2015


If an opportunity knocks on your door and the big boss ask you if you can do the job just say YES. No hesitation no more doubting just say yes. Don't be afraid to say you can do it. Even if you are not sure that you can do it just say you can. But make sure that once you get the job you will do everything to do it and make it happen.

People are so afraid to answer boldly if they can do a certain thing. They are doubting themselves, belittling themselves. If you are doubting yourself then you have no love for yourself. Once an opportunity knocks always say YES, let it enter to your life and don't let it go away.

If you are in the field of banking and you know in yourself you can do computation, once the boss ask you if you can move to the next level and present you the coverage of your suppose to be new role just say YES. It is ok to get overwhelmed by the new and larger task, it is ok to struggle in the beginning, eventually you will find a way how to do it in the long run. You can adjust and adopt as the days go by.

But make sure that you know some basics about the job that was asked for you. You cannot say you can operate a dying patient if all you know is kill some zombies in a sick video game. Make sure you are serious about the business that is being presented and you are not joking around. Make sure that once you accepted the new role, you will not crumble or breakdown when the going gets tough.

It is ok to say yes even if you are not sure that you can do it because you don't even know if you cannot do it. You don't even know if what you are doing is wrong. You are in a 50 50 situation so take the risk, have the confidence to accept the larger role and give your 100.01 percent.

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